.... contd. minutes for unfinished meeting last week

14th October 1995
(Pooh's Birthday)

We adjourned to the Pooh Sticks Bridge for a coaching session and friendly tournament.

  1. Different people were present but I forgot to write them down. Sorry.

  2. Tor's sister. Liz, was visiting.
    Tor proposed her sister to be an honorary member. (8,0,1) Carried.

  3. Pauli goes through the rules of Pooh Sticks and gives us advice on technique.

    No trees, no concrete blocks, no farmyard animals, no fellow members of the Society to be used as Pooh Sticks.
    No throwing; the stick must be dropped perpendicularly.
    Each pair must find a referree to shout "One, two, three, twitch!" and to judge.
    Knockout rules, best of three wins each round.

    Pauli's handy tips.......
    They're secret. (In case any members of rival societies happen to read these minutes.....)

  4. Chris takes lots of photos.

  5. The tournament begins....

    Round one....

    Mary beat Sarah. Tor beat Chris. Craig beat Pauli. Tapeni hsowed his superior skill by beating Stephen. We are not worthy. Damien beat Liz. Angela didn't get to play anyone, so decided to join in the second round

    Round two....

    We decided to finish this tournament at a later date due to hsortage of time caused by the Junior Organ Scholar's Chamber Choir rehearsal which involves most of the Society. (Aren't we multi-talented?)

  6. The above tournament was interrupted at various intervals by ducks, punters and bridge-hoppers.

  7. Mary hands out potato rings.

  8. Pauli reads the minutes, between interruptions from the ducks. We all shout 'Orange Sauce!"

  9. Minutes passed.

  10. Tor is wearing a really cute T-shirt with Pooh on the front (The bear, that is ...) which Damien made for her. How sweet.

  11. Helen arrives, having missed the entire meeting.
  12. Next meeting: In the kitchen of 2, Pembroke St.

  13. Meeting closed. (4,3,1)

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