Minutes of meeting of the Pembroke Winnie-The-Pooh Society
21st October 1995
The kitchen of Two Pembroke St., Cambridge

Present: Tor, Damien, Alex, Chris, Helen, Craig, Stephen, Sarah, Chris' brother and a Germen.

Apologies: Angela, Alex, Huw.

Minutes of last meeting: See apologies. The secretary is abjectly penitent for not having done them.

  1. Add Mike Kent, Craig Bourne, Oren Goldschmidt, John Jarrett and Chris Hewson to mailing list

  2. Jo Daniels is proposed to be invited as an honorary member.

  3. Papers on 'Theory of Poohsticks" are discussed. T.E. Jupp offered via Chris to devote a weekend to researching the papers.

  4. Tor's HUUUUGE mugs are praised. Tor shows everyone her bruises. (What was that all about? I'm sorry I missed this meeting... - secretary.)

  5. Gossip about John Jarrett circulates.

  6. Chris' brothers are introduces and discussed.

  7. Random conversation ensues - Casualty, stealing French schoolchildren.

  8. We discuss whether to be bothered getting up to play Pooh-Sticks.

  9. Damien and Sarah talk about Sarah's Grandparents.

  10. Apparently playing the organ relieves constipation.

  11. Will is still causing problems by having his choir rehearsal at 5pm. Grrrrrr.

  12. Tor is amde Piglet officially. Yippee..

  13. Applications for the post of secretary are invited.

  14. There aren't any.

  15. Vicky is made Eeyore in her absence.

  16. Stephen is proposed for secretary. (8,0,0) Carried. He will do the pigeonholing, Angela will continue to do the minutes.

  17. Sarah says we need a new accounts book.

  18. A new Pooh levy is suggested of 1. People will be pigeonholed.

  19. Helen goes to Fitzbillie's with Sarah, under the pretence that they need to get change for the Pooh Levy.

  20. Chris offers to spank Damien .....

  21. Chris tells Damien he is 'King of Handsomeness'.

  22. Boring people read the newspapers.

  23. Helen, Craig, Stephen and Sarah pay their Pooh Levies.

  24. Helen returns with carrot cake, chocolate cake and Danish Pastries. (BEFORE paying her Pooh levy? Who wrote these notes??)

  25. Chris is voted "Rabbit" (8,0,0)

  26. Damien is voted "Under-James". He says, "But I'm not under Angela! (Nice though that would be ... )" Ooerr.

  27. The secretary thought the post had been re-named "Deputy James" after her suggestion that the woman be on the top sometimes.

  28. Chris pracises being Rabbit and quickly gets into the habit of making innuendos (In the absence of Mr. Lloyd who previously held the post.)

  29. Upcoming expotitions to Brahms' Requiem, Bach's Mass in B Minor and Ely in Helen's car are discussed.

  30. Chris tells Tor that her name means "Sheer Stress." She remarks how appropriate this is.

  31. Helen tries desperately to organdise the trip to Ely,

  32. The pronunciation of "Purcell" is discussed. Apparently he died of chocolate poisoning.

  33. English Language lesson on syllables and washing powder.

  34. Ely 29th October, Lunchtime. Bring picnic.

  35. Meeting closed (7.0.1)

Next meeting in Chris' roon, Ela.

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