Pembroke College, Cambridge
Winnie-The-Pooh Society
Minutes of elevenses meeting
28th October, 1995
In Chris'Room.

Present: Tor, Alex, Huw, Stephen, Craig, Vicky, Tapeni, Angela, Sarah.
Apologies. Chris, (Strangely, since the meeting was in his room ... ) Domien.

We all arrive to find Chris' empty room with a note telling us where all the coffee etc. are and a packet of biscuits on the table.

  1. Tor reads the minutes whilst coughing uncontrollably. The secretary is worried for the health of our President.

  2. Angela can't spell reffferrreee.

  3. Tor tells us that Chris had strangely left a carrot in her pigeonhole last week

  4. Naomi arrives to give Tor her Bond Girl costume for the party this evening. Tor shows us her costume which is small, silver and very tacky. And very, very short.

  5. We discuss access to the gallery above Hall. and wonder when people get the chance to throw their buns up there, and indeed why they do it. No conclusion is reached.

  6. Angela reads "Disobedience" in memory of Mr. Lloyd. Tor giggles uncontrollably. "it's the memory of James reading it."

  7. Angela reads "Forgiven" first in Hungarian, then in English. It's her favourite one.

  8. Sarah indulges herself to reading "Lines And Squares".

  9. Angela comments upon the total lack of innuendos during the reading. She wonders what the Society is coming to in the absence of James. Aparrently Chris, when voted as Rabbit last week, tried out a few. Tor says she is too tired for it.

  10. Tor proposes that the meeting be held in Craig's room next week. (R5). We all agree.

  11. We all drink black tea as Chris has no milk. Tapeni plays Mum and pours the tea.

  12. Josh Fleming thought that Tor was called Toe,

  13. Sarah has got Ani to get her a book out of the English Library. Tor once read a book about a village in Essex which she said was very boring.

  14. Tor says Philosophising is much better than SPS. We discuss Tor's plans for part 2. Maybe she could do History. Or languages, or English. Or go back to SPS.... Aparrently Daisy says philosophy makes her brain hurt which Tor thinks is really sweet.

  15. Someone says something rude about Sarah which she misses. The secretory could not find out what this was.

  16. Tor has lost all ability to be rude.

  17. We all wonder where Pauli is. Maybe he has gone into hiding. He stood Sarah up last week, but Huw rescued her.

  18. Helen arrives and apologises for her lateness "i had to learn how to do the photographs thing". She is learning how to develop block and white photos.

  19. Huw makes a comment about Helen and Richard in a darkroom together. Helen thinks this is typical.

  20. We inquisit Stephen on the lack of pigeonholing this week which Tor had to do without a mailing list, by hand.

  21. Sarah eats some biscuits.

  22. We discuss driving tests and the illegal keeping of cars in Cambridge. Helen took her test in Dorchester which Sarah said can't have been very taxing with about one set of lights and two roundabouts. Helen drove to the out of town Sainsbury's (Not that she has a car, or anything .... ). Vicky asks "Was it good?"
    Helen replies "Yes. Fwooorgh."

  23. We discuss the merits of Sainsbury's and Tesco (which has a free bus according to Vicky) compared to other supermarkets.

  24. Tapeni tries to change the subject. He thinks that innuendos are far more interesting. (If we had any.) Alex steers the conversation back onto supermarkets.

  25. Helen invites us to her dinner party tonight, which will be graced by the presence of Mr. Dominic White and his "Woman", Jacky.

  26. Someone tells us that Ani's friend didn't want Huw's body.

  27. Tor shows her Bond Girl dress to Helen. Alex says "I think 'Dress' is pushing it a bit." Tor wonts to borrow some kinky knee high boots. Lois has some.

  28. Helen and Angela go to Will's Choir practise. Grr.

  29. We discuss UCAS and people's ages.

  30. Apparently the quality of debating is better in Nairobi than at the Union Society.

  31. Tapeni and Huw pay their Pooh levy.

  32. Tapeni disappears for some reason.

  33. The library Supervision book has strangely disappeared. Its whereabouts is speculated.

  34. Sarah says she got thrown out of Brownies for doing something with a drawing pin and someone's bottom.

  35. Huw picks up all the mugs and does the washing up.

  36. Everyone leaves.

Next meeting in Craig's room, R5.
Or actually, a continuation of this week's which was not closed ......

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