Minutes of the last meeting before Bonfire Night
November 4th 1995

Present: Tor, Arnie, Craig, Angela, Tim, Tapani, Jon, Helen.
Apologies: Damian (music rehearsal), Daisy (football).

  1. Tim reads the minutes of last week's meeting.

  2. Arnie films the proceedings.

  3. Tim gets stage fright and gives the minutes to Angela to read. Angela gives them back.

  4. Gibber gibber lots of very silly comments.

  5. Tim says "loo pevy" instead of "pooh levy" . apparently this is very amusing.

  6. Angela reads the reading - ch.7: In which Kanga and Roo come to the forest and Piglet has a bath.

  7. It is to be recorded that Tapani's name is spelt TAPANI not TAPENI. Don't forget.

  8. Angela tries to read sensibly but is interrupted by Craig's alarm clock and Tor burping.

  9. Helen requests that Tor removes items of her clothing ...

  10. Sarah and Pauli arrive.

  11. Pauli has CHOCOLATE FUDGE with him. (and orange).

  12. Jim's fudge bonus is discussed.

  13. Helen suggests a competition for who can have the best fudge-induced orgasm. Arnie says "thank you very much" for his entry (Perhaps that wasn't the best choice of words.)

  14. Pauli has chocolate raisins. Like rabbit.

  15. Pooh's plan to capture Baby Roo reveals his secret connections to the Klu Klux Klan.

  16. Tor assaults Pauli with a piece of fudge.

  17. Craig's typewriter machine makes tor's spelling go wobbly.

  18. Tor plays in Pauli's pockets.

  19. It is suggested that meetings should be changed to 3pm to avoid clashes with rehearsals.

  20. Votes :8,0,1,

  21. meetings now at 3pm

  22. Arnie, Angela and Helen leave.

  23. Angela spills tea on Sarah.

  24. ha ha ha ha.

  25. Meeting in L5 next week.

  26. Arnie finishes the reading in his most wondrous Pooh voice.

  27. Or does he

  28. Pauli takes over. The fireworks are discussed at the same time. And curry.

  29. Pauli farts and the floor shakes.

  30. Sarah discusses dissecting testicles.

  31. Tor finishes the reading (finally).

  32. Random conversation, too boring to be written down here, including Sarah mentioning Pony Club Camp. You get the general idea.

  33. Tor finishes the meeting secretly because she can't be bothered to do any more typing.

  34. byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

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