Minutes of WTP Vacation Meeting on Wednesday December 6th. 1995

Present: Dominic White, Jon Jarrett, Oren, Sonia (Bishop), Huw, Helen, Alex, Vicky, Fiona, Mr Fiona (aka Ben).

  1. The meeting was held in M10, the temporary room of the returning Dominic (someone as old as The Scribe - Ed.) after Formal Hall with hundreds of frighteningly young, frightened interviewees. Conversation over dinner included a (generally favourable) discussion of Mr Tim Hinks (initiated by Sonia .... ) Upon reconvening to M10 Dominic was also discussed during his temporary absences - initially to make an unspecified (presumably seedy) phone call and secondly to shark sweet little LCA & the terrifying SRB.

  2. The First Reading ("In Which Pooh Goes Visiting And Gets In A Tight Place") was relayed with Fiona as narrator and Ben interjecting the verbal ejaculations characterfully. Dominic quickly adapted to fill the void left empty in the absence of Tor & The James by jocularizing at the hidden innuendos of AAM.

  3. Oxford was denigrated with vigour. Sonia, enigmatically, looked both nonchalent and belligerent.

  4. Dominic intimated that he found Woolworths to be a 'ghastly place' and wished to protest his innocence for something. Sonia thought Dominic's 'fish-wife voice' sounded like Kenneth Williams.

  5. Father Aquinas was remembered with affection.

  6. Dominic asked if Vicky were a violent atheist.

  7. Dinan and Chris (Hewson) arrived, closely followed by Deryk (Osthus) and some more wine - fresh from publicizing The Society to the frighteningly young, frightened interviewees at Hall and hence laudably populating future meetings of The Society.

  8. Dominic revealed his idolation for Rowan Atkinson's face and Huw gave Alex her NUS card back.

  9. Deryk's hairy legs were commented upon. At this point he tried to rip up the minutes in objection but they were rescued for posterity by the nimble, athletic, vibrant, effortless and dynamic responses of The Scribe.

  10. In the serendipitous absence of Sarah Jonas 'Lines and Squares' was rejected by Alex as the Second Reading. The latter then proceeded to read "Missing' instead, with a hoarse Home-Counties accent. Meanwhile, Vicky started throwing corks around saying 'I had the same problem with a tiger beetle once'... (???!!!??? - Ed.)

  11. The Scribe decided the meeting was beginning to get silly so stopped taking minutes and left shortly afterwards (10:15 pm).

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