Held in U9.
Present: Vicky, Jon, Ben, Alasdair, Andrew, Ellen, a friend of Ellen's called Ellie I think, from Leeds.
Apologies: Chris Caroe, for no good reason. Matt Farrow becuase he'd already been in the pub for an hour and a half, and Sarah on the grounds of football.

  1. Apparently Jon Gabitass, Ben and Jon's ex-headmaster, has given him a book grant which will cover our new Testaments perfectly.

  2. Ben gives Jon a Smug Point for opening the meeting.

  3. There is Lots of Food, including hunny sandwiches!

  4. Ben is playing the 'Grease' soundtrack, and Vicky recognises 'Summer Loving'.

  5. Aladdair kindly reads the minutes from the last meeting.

  6. Angela arrives, bearing the ceremonial text of Pooh!

  7. Ben has great trouble pouring the tea from his novelty teapot.

  8. Tim has not turned up, so Vicky will have to cry over him as threatened.

  9. Should Naked Twister be played at PoohSoc? Unfortunately the conclusion of this exciting debate was lost to posterity...

  10. Ben pays up, and wants a minute for security, on the grounds that Vicky's just agreed to defraud his ex-headmaster.

  11. Angela pays up.

  12. Ellen and Ellie (?) leave.

  13. We will have to sanction Tapani for non-apology. However, no-one can think of what to do to him.

  14. Caroline arrives; a new face at PoohSoc, hurrah!

  15. In the absence of the Foreign Secretary, Jon gives us an update on the diplomatic situation as regards the Sheila and Her Dog Society (spit,, spit).

  16. Angela reads, from The House at Pooh Corner, "In Which a Search is Organised and Piglet Nearly Meets A Heffalump, Again."

  17. Alex arrives!

  18. Angela has Winnie-the-Pooh socks on: we agree that they can deputise for Huw's socks.

  19. Andrew pays up.

  20. Vote to amend the obligatory pronunciation of the word 'Relations' as 'Relationships' back to 'Relations' since it was barely funny even when James did it: For, 3, Against, l, Abstentions, 1; Motion carried.

  21. Angela continues leaving a significant gap after the word 'relations' each time.

  22. Apparently Vicky gets trodden on all the time. She refuses to elaborate.

  23. Angela: "I'm not very good at this innuendo business."

  24. Angela's Piglet voice is lowered on the grounds that it's quite possibly medically damaged.

  25. Ben is suffering from severe Assassin's Paranoia, and keeps leaping up every time someone passes the door.

  26. Vicky might be a Heffalump. After all, you can never tell just by looking.

  27. Angela's arm falls off after a hands-linking contest. No, really.

  28. Alex resigns the Posts of Under-Secretary and Kanga on the grounds that she's not here any more, and having done so leaves graciously.

  29. Ben decides to try toasted hunny sandwiches

  30. We must invite not only the normal honoured guests to the Garden Party, but also Princess Diana and Cardinal Basil Hulme.

  31. It is time to move the office of James: votes to remove Angela tearfully from office, or otherwise: For. 6, Against, 0, Abstentions, 1; motion carried.

  32. There is now no James. Angela quickly proposes Ben before something bad happens: For, 6, Against, 0, Abstentions, 1; motion carried, Ben is now James.

  33. There aren't enough people yet to make it worth holding an EGM, think Jon and Vicky, but we need a Vote to postpone; For, 5 + 1 foot, Against, 0, Abstentions, 1; motion carried.

  34. It is decided that the James can propose. Motions, that is, so we're all safe.

  35. Our other posts are owned up to as follows: Pooh (vacant), Piglet (vacant), Rabbit (vacant), Kanga (vacant), Roo (vacant), Wol (Sarah), Eeyore (Vicky), Heffalump (vacant). Small has no lines, so we discard the post.

  36. Jon mentions the Monopoly Society, but this is derided as being just silly.

  37. Somebody mentions the idea of Cheese and Chocoiate Buttons toasties, but I forgot who because my face was twisted in a grimace of horror.

  38. We want Tapani to be mandated to arrange a Poohsticks training session (6/0/1)

  39. The concept of Overland Foohsticks is explained.

  40. Angela invites us all to a Barndance.

  41. Thanks be to Ben for the food (6/0/0)

  42. Vote to make Kit Smart an Honorary Member (4/0/2); carried.

  43. Vote to close: 5/0/1; meeting closed. Now it's 4:22, so I'd better hurry.

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