Minutes of the Lollipop Meeting of the Pembroke College Winnie The Pooh Society held on Thursday 11th December 1997 at 5pm in D14

Present: Rob, Alison, Babs, Ben, Stephen, Granny

  1. The meeting is opened by our president Ben.

  2. Ben starts on Babs computer.

  3. As is traditional, Rob reads the minutes off the computer.

  4. Unfortunately, most people failed to bring a mug. However mugs and tea were provided by Babs, along with plenty of biscuits.

  5. We hear of a potential new member of the Nottingham chapter. Her name is Ceri and she is obsessed with Winnie The Pooh. Rob even has pictures of her Pooh face flannels. She has already paid  the Pooh Levy.

  6. Ben proposes that we make Ceri Dont-know-her-surname-yet a member of Poohsoc, Nottingham chapter. However, this is not immediately voted upon.

  7. Babs receives a phone call from her friend. We believe it is her sex slave, possibly this strange Vicky person.

  8. Votes to accept Ceri as a member of our Nottingham chapter:  For 4, Against 2, Abstentions 0.

  9. Votes to kick out Jacyntha if shes already an honorary member:  For 3, Against 2, Abstentions 1.

  10.   Votes to make Jacyntha an honorary member of Poohsoc: For 5, Against 0, Abstentions 1.

  11. Votes to open the lollipops that we have received from Jacyntha: unanimous, unsurprisingly.  We hear that Jacyntha has spent something like $50 in buying and sending these lollipops.

  12. Votes to congratulate ourselves on spreading the word of Pooh: For 2, Against 2, Abstentions 2.

  13. There follows a discussion of alternative uses for the lollipops which do not in fact taste very nice. Granny suggests suppositories, but they would probably be more effective if used to bring down aircraft.

  14. Rob wants to be on the committee but he'll be gone next year so he won't be able to stand at the forthcoming A.G.M., unfortunately.

  15. Rob now discusses Nottingham at length.

  16. We decide to have a reading. It is the last chapter of the New Testament, In which Christopher Robin gives a Pooh party and we say goodbye. The final section is blatantly paedophilic.

  17. Discussion then follows, mainly on Brian and other strange Compscis.

  18. Complaints are made about the mailing list.

  19. Votes to close the meeting:  For 5, Against 1, Abstentions 0. Meeting is now closed.

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