Minutes of The Extraordinary Elevenses Meeting, 02/10/99

Held in: AA18, Pembroke College Cambridge.
Present: Granny, Jeremy, Robert, Claire, Kirsten, Ben, Henry, Becky, Mad Jenny.
Apologies: Micheal, Gina.
Guests: Annelies [sic], Kathryn (a friend of Claire's).

  1. The Meeting is opened without the presence of the President, Secretary or Under-Secretary. We vote to censure Ben for not being here: F., 1, Ag., 1, Abs., 2; hung; Granny, as Christopher Robin, decides for; carried.

  2. Vote to allow visitors to vote for the meeting: F., 3, Ag., 0, Abs., 1; carried.

  3. Granny goes for a cheap tart.

  4. Rob has created a Pooh Corner in the nook between his door and the wall; Jeremy apparently also has a picture of Pooh on his wall.

  5. Ben arrives with Henry 22 minutes late. He apologises for forgetting his Testaments, as does Henry although he has in fact brought them. Always so apologetic, that Pipe lad: can it be a guilty conscience, dear reader? But we digress...

  6. The Reading is: "In Which Eeyore Finds the Wolery and Owl Moves into it".

  7. Robert succeeds in eating a chocolate doughnut without attiring himself in its contents.

  8. Kathryn refuses to read the part of Christopher Robin, and a vote of censure is proposed: F., 7, Ag., 0, Abs., 1; carried.

  9. Becky will read Christopher Robin.

  10. Any Other Business (there being no minutes to read): the question of Society Membership and Pooh Levies is raised. It is proposed after discussion that current memberships shall expire in 29 days [the 31st October 1999], and a Pooh Levy of 1.00 shall be taken: F.,7, Ag., 3, Abs., 3; carried.

  11. Rob is elected temporarily as Treasurer [no vote recorded - Ed.].

  12. Rob and Henry and "others" pay their Pooh Levy.

  13. Arrangements for the Freshers' Squash are debated: we will need (a) a teapot, (b) some water, (c) some tea, (d) some milk, (e) some sugar, and (f) some other things. Ben is to book the Inner Parlour for next meeting.

  14. Rob is asked for two more minutes.

  15. Vote to close: F., 6, Ag., 2, Abs., 3, spoilt 1; carried.

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