Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie - the - Pooh meeting on the 16/10/99 held in AA25 in which we meet a fresher wearing a Christmas hat.

Present : Ben, Granny, Jeremy, Richard, Benedict, Martin, Jenny, Clare, Rob, Annalise, Alison, Owen, Yasmin, Michael, Jon

Apologies : Mad Jenny, Chris,

  1. Meeting opened by Ben.

  2. Kirsten and Benedict pay their pounds.

  3. Lots of people arrive late.

  4. Where are the freshers from last week?

  5. Jon has the minutes but he's not here.

  6. Treasury has 50 something pounds in it.

  7. Discussion of reward points from supermarkets.

  8. We mention Dave Henderson and is girlfriend who is working in formal hall tonight.

  9. Would you go out with Dave if you couldn't stand to spend all night in the pub?

  10. Ben's watch has just broken from over fiddling.

  11. Martin the stalker is in town.

  12. Ben is the most important person in the room.

  13. Where's Yasmin?

  14. Owen is not wearing a Christmas hat with 2 cocktail umbrellas in it (Honest).

  15. Mad Jenny owns her own bunny ears.

  16. Jeremy resigns as James.

  17. So elections for the following posts will be held at the EGM:
    Secretary, Treasurer, James, Wol, Kanga, Eeyore.

  18. Can a meeting be special and general?

  19. People have Granny's lethal mugs.

  20. Becky's ill.

  21. Reading: Ben suggests chapter 7 of the old testament since we did chapter 1 last week.

  22. Yasmin arrives.

  23. Yasmin is allergic to Brazil nuts therefore she has a racist stomach.

  24. Granny makes an obscene noise with the wardrobe.

  25. Yasmin was painting a rainbow on her wall.

  26. People wonder if Yasmin's room will eventually be impossible to get in if everyone just paints over the last coat of paint.

  27. Ben's house has subsided.

  28. Ben shows us his Disney T-shirt that acknowledges A.A. Milne.

  29. Clare's a fairy (she has baked fairy cakes).

  30. What has happened to Bonnie Langford? (apparently she was singing in Cats)

  31. Yasmin has red paint on her face.

  32. Jenny wants all the biscuits.

  33. The biscuits are happy and smiling.

  34. The title is read, Alison is doing Pooh.

  35. Benedict plays with his Pooh rattle.

  36. The actual reading starts.

  37. Discussion about the Stokes society.

  38. Reading re-starts.

  39. More interruptions.

  40. Michael arrives but needs to stay near his phone.

  41. Reading restarts again.

  42. Granny's book falls apart.

  43. "Could we concentrate on the reading" Ben shouts thus interrupting the meeting himself.

  44. Jon arrives with minutes.

  45. Did A.A. Milne's finger get court on the shift key during this chapter someone asks.

  46. More interruptions.

  47. Ben has problems doing Piglet huskily.

  48. Rob always want more fairy.

  49. Vote to congratulate Alison on doing a good Pooh : F15, A0, Ab0 :- passed.

  50. Vote to let visitors vote : F12, A3, Ab0 :- passed.

  51. Ben introduces everyone.

  52. Yasmin pays her pound.

  53. Owen Barritt pays his pound.

  54. Minutes of the last meeting are read.

  55. Ben interrupts the minutes.

  56. Cheap tarts are passed around.

  57. Yasmin is perfect as she is.

  58. Yasmin offers Clare the chance to share a cheap tart but Clare doesn't like them.

  59. EGM 2 weeks today (i.e. 30/10/99).

  60. There is a spider living on Granny's wardrobe.

  61. Vote to censure Jeremy for being nasty : F6, A4, Ab5 :- passed.

  62. Next week - 7 days.

  63. Alison pays her pound.

  64. Jenny won't be here next week.

  65. Ben makes wol jokes, i.e. its a wolentry post.

  66. Its been a long week, no it hasn't it's been 7 days.

  67. Next weeks meeting in E2A (Owen's room).

  68. Give extra fliers to freshers whose names begin with an E.

  69. Vote to close : F10, A3, Ab2 :- passed.

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