Winnie-The-Pooh Song


A day, when Winnie the Pooh had nothing to do,
He realised that he should do something very important
So he went to <The Little Pig> To check what's she doing,
But at <The Little Pig> at the time he didn't find anyone.

So he started to walk home while it was snowing heavily,
And he thought: at home there might be some foodstaffs.
To warm up he was jumping about, and stepped very big ones,
And regarding the cold, he started to sing:

R: The more it is snowing, the more is falling the snow,
The more is falling, the snow, the more it is snowing.
It's falling and snowing, ing, ing, ing
Winnie the Pooh's freezing, ing, ing, ing,
It's falling and snowing, ing, ing, ing,
Winnie the Pooh's freezing.

In the wood's known circuits, the general view is,
That Winnie the Pooh, like all the bears likes ho-oney.
And this not the sort of weak opinion,
But I can surely state that, it's fact, fa-act, fact!

Hence whenever it's cold, and the white snow's falling heavily
There must be in the cupboard, some food preserved,
Therefore if in wintertime, Winnie th Pooh feels hunger,
He just tries a jar of honey, Right down to the bottom!


Winnie the Pooh is a friend of mine, And we often have a chat,
About all the things, That we know both of us,
And I've learned a poem, too, And I know it by hart, now
And when it's cold and snowing, I always sing this song:


Hungarian Version