Saturday 18 January 2003 4pm until end of meeting

Before you begin read these instructions carefully.

You should attempt ALL questions from Section A and Section B and ONE question from Section C. Section A carries 20% of the marks, Section B 30% and Section C 50%.

Begin each answer on a separate sheet.

Write legibly and on only one side of the paper.

All question refer to the Sixth ammendment of the constitution of The Pembroke College Winnie-The-Pooh Society.


Quote in full the following Clauses of the constitution


  2. LII

  3. III

  4. XLVII

  5. VIII


  1. The following diagram represents a family tree (m=male, f=female, d=deceased, siblings arranged in age order left to right).
    family tree
    1. If point A represents the Lady Foundress then who would inherit the constitution should the society dissolve?
    2. What about if F was the Lady Foundress?
    3. And G?
    4. And L?

  2. Under what circumstances can a non-member of the University gain membership of the society and how do they gain membership (note: in some cases there is more than one possiblity for this, please state them all)?

    1. When should an AGM be held?
    2. When should an EGM be held?

    1. State the duties of 2 committee posts.
    2. Which character post(s) have duties associated with them and what are these duties?

  3. How does the constitution state that the society should be financed? Who needs to authorise society expenditure and who should be the signatories on the society bank account?


Write an essay on ONE of the following topics. You may quote from the constitution, but need not quote Clauses in full.

  1. Discuss the consequences for the society and its members of one of the following clauses:

    1. VII
      "Membership may not be revoked prematurely, but rustication may be imposed by motions at two successive Elevenses Meetings. A member who is thus rusticated shall be excluded from Meetings until the motion be revoked, or until the next Annual General Meeting, whichever be the sooner."
    2. LV
      "A temporary exemption or suspension of one or more clauses of the constitution, excepting clauses LXV, LXVI and LXVII, and this clause itself, may be proposed in any meeting, and shall require a two-thirds majority for approval; such suspensions and exemptions are valid only for the duration of that Meeting."
    3. LVII
      "On no account shall any one person be permitted to read "Lines & Squares" in a Meeting any more often than once a term."

  2. Discuss the importance of the various society posts defined in the constitution.

  3. Discuss the requirements for a meeting to be quorate (you need not limit yourself to only Elevenses meetings) and the differences between quorate and non-quorate meetings in the eyes of the constitution.

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