The Correspondence

The Letter to Cadbury - 26th March 2009
The Reply from Cadbury - 7th April 2009
Concerning the Welfare of the Crème Bird

The Letter to Robert Mugabe - 17th January 2009
Concerning Censure

The Letter from Tami Vaughan - Friday 28th September 2007
Concerning Songs

The Letter from BBC Radio Cambridgeshire - Monday 20th August 2007
Concerning a Potential Interview

The Letter from Big Brother's Big Mouth - Monday 23rd July 2007
The Reply from Lisa - Friday 3rd August 2007
Concerning Big Brother

The Letter to Cambridgeshire County Council - Wednesday 7th January 2004
Concerning Teashops

The Letter to Cambridgeshire County Council - Saturday 7th June 2003
Concerning the Closure of Silver Street

The Letter to Fox's Biscuits - Saturday 7th June 2003
Concerning Pink Wafer Biscuits

The Letter to Channel 4 - Saturday 7th June 2003
Concerning their Claim that Pooh was ‘Dreampt’ up by A.A. Milne

The Letter to the Sainsbury's - Thursday 6th March 2003
Concerning Taste the Difference Washing Up Liquid

The Letter to the Times - Tuesday 25th February 2003
Concerning Afternoon Tea

The Letter to Egmont Books - Saturday 25th January 2003
Concerning Facts

The Letter to the Council - Friday 29th November 2002
The Reply from the Council -
Concerning the Trees on Sidgwick Avenue

The Letter to the Council - Friday 29th November 2002
The Reply from the Council - Monday 2nd December 2002
Concerning Traffic Lights

The Letter to WAGN - Saturday 24th February 2001
The Reply from WAGN - Wednesday 7th March 2001
The Reply from WAGN - Friday 6th April 2001
Concerning Teabags

The Letter to the Lord Mallard - Friday 23rd February 2001
Concerning Traditions and Poohsticks

The Letter to the Durleigh Sailing Club - Wednesday 21st February 2001
Concerning Methods of Election

The Letter to Santa - Friday 16th February 2001
Concerning Claire's Christmas Presents

The Letter to the European Court of Human Rights - Friday 9th February 2001
Concerning Jenny's Right to Freedom of Speech

The Letter to McVities - Sunday 10th December 2000
The Reply from McVities - Wednesday 20th December 2000
Concerning Hob Nobs and Jaffa Cakes

The Letter to Stagecoach - Tuesday 28th November 2000
The Reply from Stagecoach - Thursday 7th December 2000
Concerning East London Buses

The Letter to the New Millennium Experience Company - Friday 10th November 2000
The Reply from the New Millenium Experience Company - Friday 5th January 2001
Concerning the Inclusion of Pooh Bear in the Dome

The Letter to Heffers - Sunday 8th October 2000
The Reply from Heffers - Monday 6th November 2000
The Letter to Heffers - Tuesday 28th November 2000
Concerning their Academic Diaries

The Letter to Disney - Saturday 18th March 2000
Concerning their Representation of Pooh Bear

The Letter to Twinings - Friday 10th March 2000
The Reply from Twinings - Monday 17th April 2000
Concerning Queen Mary Tea

The Letter to Sainsbury's - Saturday 4th March 2000
Concerning Disney Mugs

The Reply from the Blues Committee - Friday 21st May 1999
Concerning Poohsticks

The Letter from Donald Jones - Tuesday 25th August 1998
The Reply to Donald Jones - Saturday 24th October 1998
Concerning the Pembroke Hundred Acre

The Letter to Sainsbury's - Friday 17th April 1998
Concerning Hot Cross Buns

the Faxsimile to Grundy Productions - ?th April 1998
Concerning Rosemary Daniels

The Letter to the Council - Thursday 5th February 1998
Concerning the Disappearance of the Cam

The Letter to Microsoft - Tuesday 13th January 1998
Concerning their Spell Checker

The Letter to the Cambridge University Students Union - ?
Concerning the Services They Offer

The Letter to the Council - Monday 21st April 1997
The Reply from the Council - Tuesday 13th May 1997
Concerning the River Pem

The Letter to Sainsbury's - Thursday 27th February 1997
The Reply from Sainsbury's - Tuesday 4th March 1997
Concerning Crumpets

The Letter to the Cambridgeshire County Traffic officer - Wednesday 20th October 1993
The Reply from Ms Shirley Pays - Thursday 21st October 1993
Concerning Poohsticks

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