Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Extraordinary Elevenses Meeting, held on the 21st June 2003

Present: Owen, Roz, Rachel C, Naath, Rosy

Apologies: Dunstan, Gabriel, Katie, Neil, Jenny, Rosie, Roz, Rachel H

Held In: E1, Buckingham Court, Magdalene

  1. Meeting opened.

  2. The conversation moves heretically onto Harry Potter! On that point, where is Alison. Is she reading Harry Potter? Should we censure her for being unsociable? We assume she is and hence the vote for censure falls as follows F:3 A:0 Ab:1, thus carried

  3. Selling books one page at a time

  4. Better not know anything else about something (Once again my handwriting fails me, so I've no idea what we're not suppose to know anything more about. Oh well, it's probably for the best really): F:1 A:2 Ab: 1

  5. HP? Harry Potter? Sauce? Pencils?

  6. What's in the box? Biscuits!
    What's in the biscuits? Water! (and some strange powder...)

  7. Rachel's got Pooh all over her bed, in fact Rachel's got Pooh all over everything!

  8. Door locks and keys (wow, back to the relm of exiting conversation with this one!). However, this soon moves onto a conversation about breaking and entering using random tools. A sanding block perhaps?

  9. Something about roofs (Beats me, I'll leave this one to your imagination)

  10. Rachel swallowed something as a child (Sorry, I'm really not doing very well with my handwriting here)

  11. Roz's Mum is the crocodile from Peter Pan

  12. At this point Naath leaves

  13. Random noises. Is it mating seals do you think? Concealed mating seals in fact.

  14. Remarkable feet, last week, digestives and something to do with vegans (don't ask me, I only wrote it down)

  15. Should we message Dunstan to ask his height F:1 A:1 Ab:1 - motion hung (and it's only valid for the duration of the meeting, so what happens now?)

  16. Assorted Poohsoc meetings? In a big box? Individually wrapped?

  17. Tea mixtures = Dolly mixtures, except there is no dollys in "Polly put the kettle on"

  18. Dolly mixture kebabs on cocktail sticks.

  19. Return to the real world.

  20. Modern architecture...
    ...A big cardboard box...
    ...with an umbrella over the top to keep it dry...
    ...or perhaps just an umbrella..
    ..aha, the Millenium Dome!

  21. Harry Potter - 9/11

  22. Roz claims you can by 4 packs of the new Harry Potter box. Quadraphonic reading?

  23. Owen has to open the box F:2 A:1 Ab:0 (I draw peoples attention to the significance of this last number). Motion vetoed.

  24. Rachel's obsessed with soil, but not animal bones

  25. Rosy arrives and once again we're quorate!

  26. Gabriel is just like Dunstan only something (Yet another illegible squiggle)

  27. Eeyore making football opponents lose

  28. Rachel claims to have height

  29. "Virgin Earth" by Winnie-the-Pooh

  30. Owen was the only person to be ID'ed at the Fort St. George during the bridge crawl. Roz once got asked her age at the Regal to which she replied "18... no 22", suprisingly they didn't let her in

  31. Votes to censure everyone without a biscuit F:1 A:0 Ab:1

  32. Votes to censure Martin and throw him in the cam (I don't seem to have written down why. I suppose we must have had a good reason though.) F:1 A:0 Ab: 1 - carried.

  33. The Hungarians tried to drown Rosy

  34. The Postman appears to have been confused by a letter to the society addressed to Jesus. It found it's way to Owen's pigeon hole in Pembroke.

  35. Letter to the BBC (Not sure what about. Have we written one?)

  36. Reading: Old Testament - Chapter 3 "In which Pooh and Piglet go Hunting and nearly catch a Woozle"

  37. The seals are boring up from the garage. They'll do anything to get to a poohsoc meeting (except perhaps come through the door).

  38. Ah ... Harry Potter ... Oh, dear

  39. What did the bible say about Winnie-the-Pooh?

  40. Put it away Roz F:2 A:0 Ab:1, motion carried

  41. Heating up paper in order to melt it

  42. "Why is there a thing ontop of that thing" - Roz

  43. Votes to close F:3 A:0 Ab:1, motion carried

  44. Meeting reopened as we feel that it is imperritive that we vote to give all Captains of Poohsticks past and present the title of Captain F:2 A:0 Ab:2, motion carried

  45. Votes to close again F:3 A:0 Ab:1, motion carried

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