Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society, held on the 24th April 2004 in M5a Jesus College

Present: Rosy, Dunstan, Katie, Jack, Alison, Owen, Rachel C, Cuthbert, Jonathon

Apologies: Neil, Rachel H, Roz

  1. Rosy opens the meeting

  2. It is twenty past four and no one is here yet

  3. Votes to commend Jack for that really clever bit of Perl script: passed

  4. Votes to censure Jack for that really clever but distracting bit of Perl script: passed

  5. Dunstan seems disturbingly unworried by the minutes having been hijacked Mind you, he is affecting to be asleep

  6. Alison arrives as twenty-eight minutes to five: 'Wow, where is everybody?'

  7. Rosy: 'C'mom, you've got quite enough harpies in here already'

  8. Jack joins us at a quarter to five

  9. Do we have a 'No Body' and is it Ben

  10. Let's have a hung vote: hung - Christopher Robin decides for hung, withdrawn and quartered

  11. Let's have an apolitical coup: passed

  12. Votes to censure Neil: passed

  13. Votes to censure Neil for not being here because we all miss him: passed

  14. Dunstan briefly opens his mouth, and with it, a giant mathmo ridden can of worms

  15. Its twenty-four hour roleplaying

  16. Votes to commend the sun for coming out on cue: failed

  17. Votes to let visitors votes: passed

  18. Jonathon has never killed anyone with a sharpened implement

  19. Do we have a volunteer to rabbit?

  20. That would be revision, then; you'll have to step outside

  21. Rosy: 'Mmm mm mmm mm'

  22. Martin's hair is like a huge Elizabethan mansion; you look at it one day and discover that a new east wing has been added

  23. Katie: 'Oh, oh, he's us' Jack: 'I don't think he's got it' Katie: 'I think he's flattered'

  24. There is always a man with a tom-tom: passed

  25. We are a lovely college; the home of Snap-dragon: failed

  26. Owen does not know much: failed

  27. Rosy will hop down and sacrifice then once they stop the drum

  28. Owen adopts the traditional stance of melancholy Katie appears to follow suit but it could just be the cricket

  29. Scientists are out numbered by artists

  30. Pum-pum-pum-pum

  31. Dunstan: 'So there we all were, then, swimming in blubber'

  32. Dunstan is using letters of mass destruction

  33. There is a condition called 'too many mathmos': passed

  34. Katie: 'They should make the noise after the wicket falls'

  35. Votes to commend Owen on his shirt: passed

  36. Next week's meeting shall be held in Rachel C's room

  37. [Various bloky noises are heard]

  38. We are threatened with censuring for non-Pooh related material

  39. Votes to mandate Katie to do something: passed

  40. Katie obliges

  41. Dunstan is evicted for work

  42. ?and again?

  43. God spam

  44. Votes to close: passed

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