Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society 1st May 04 hosted by Miss Rachel Causier in 09, Benson Court, Magdalene College

Present: Owen, Rachel C., Jon, Katie, Rosy, Jack, Rachel H., Alison, Naath, Chess, Edith, Nick

Apologies: Dunstan, Roz, Rachel H. (for going to be late)

  1. Jack: My being James has scarred me for life. / Dunstan: Me too. (Email, pre-meeting.)
  2. Meeting opened.
  3. Look! There's a punt collision! Three way! [oo-er] The dog's going to jump in the river. Come look, it's great! It's mayham! - Jon & Katie
  4. Calming vote - failed.
  5. Edith looks a lot more like the picture of him tied to the nuclear bomb.
  6. I need to dye my hair purple.
  7. Babies! / Baby ducks? / No, babt people!
  8. Whirling blades of death.
  9. They have no regard for the sanctity of punting - they're wearing lifejackets!
  10. Edith as mandated had a barbecue but we didn't come.
  11. Censure Owen for dunking ¼ of a Hot Cross Bun. - passed (Owen for).
  12. Minutes of the last meeting read by various people.
  13. The minutes saying Cuthbert being present causes Katie to make a puzzled expression at Rosy, who converts it into a 'Ah' expression by making a snake motion with her hand.
  14. Votes to censure the French language for crimes against Owen - presumably passed.
  15. A utopia of apolitical [???] - Edith
  16. The laughter has gone supersonic - Edith.
  17. Let's fail a motion - failed.
  18. Let's fail a motion - failed.
  19. Censure Owen for being a bad sport - failed.
  20. Are you voting for, against, abstained, apathied or spoiled? E: yes, I am. N: abstain. Chess: artichokes. Rachel: dimpled chad. Jack: artichokes. Owen: abstain.
  21. Let's not have any more votes for a while - [I was distracted from recording the result when the proposer was struck by lightning.]
  22. Owen feeds ¼ of a Hot Cross Bun to Rachel C. but hopefully accidently gets most of the crumbs into her nose.
  23. Vote to melt the kettle - passed.
  24. AGM minutes are read.
  25. Censure Rachel C. for putting the minutes in context - passed (RC for) [So did everyone else, but I don't think any of the other votes to censure got to the voting stage.]
  26. Censure Edith for eating the minutes. - passed unanimously (bar Naath).
  27. Mandate Edith to stop eating the minutes - ditto.
  28. Censure Naath for defacing the minutes with a penknife - passed
  29. Censure Naath for defacing Naath with a penknife - passed
  30. Censure Naath for defacing the penknife with the minutes- passed
  31. It only hurts when I do this. [gestures].
  32. Censure Martin for being non-Pooh-related-material. - passed
  33. Censure Neil for Martin for being non-Pooh-related-material. - passed
  34. Censure Owen for not having read minute 47 when I have - passed.
  35. Dave henderson was mentioned. Repeatedly and recursively.
  36. Jon unjures himself sitting on the corner of Rachel's computer. [I hope it wasn't licenced by the umpire]
  37. We are calm. - failed
  38. That flipping police car helicopter is back - Rachel C.
  39. There's only room for one helicopter in Cambridge and that's me - Jon - passed.
  40. Reading: Expotition to the North Pole.
  41. I don't want to know what's going on in Owen's head - Rosy.
  42. Bicuit, [sic] bicuit, bicuit, bicuit, bicuit, bicuit, bicuit, bicuit, MUSHROOM! MUSHROOM! Bicuit, [sic] bicuit, bicuit, bicuit, bicuit, bicuit, bicuit, bicuit, MUSHROOM! MUSHROOM! AAAH, CUTHBERT! - Katie, Edith, Naath & Jack.
  43. Edith has a thought.
  44. We could tip up the big chaos pool and play poohsticks - Edith.
  45. But the water would fall out - Rosy.
  46. Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! - Owen.
  47. Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! - Rachel. C.
  48. No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! - Owen. [Concurrently.]
  49. If you're an artist you can get away with knowing nothing - Edith.
  50. I don't want to have meals on tuesday.
  51. Suggested title: "An investigation into the relevance of [topic] to getting a PhD."
  52. "Ow! Stop sitting on me." - Rachel C.
  53. Unless you were attacked by a gang of compscis who forced you into that "Go away or I'll replace you with a very small shell script" T-shirt you are a compsci.
  54. Garden party discussed.
  55. Alison to write a PhD on poohsticks hydrodynamics - passed. (A. for.)
  56. Can I use a monkey as a poohstick? Precedent suggests yes, provided GWB is tied so he can't swim.
  57. Edith discussed monkey-stuffing.
  58. Eidth has a root vegetable obsession.
  59. Edith is a member of the society so we can't use him as a poohstick - unless we dismember him first.
  60. Look at Jo(h)n's tower!
  61. Everyone in John's tower must have a bungee rope tied to their ankle - passed.
  62. Geology is discussed again.
  63. It's only a little apocalypse.
  64. Censure for singing "I have a theory..." - passed.
  65. Censured for blaspheming - passed.
  66. Edith is sweet - passed.
  67. Can I lick you? - Jack.
  68. Rachel C after sitting on Owen's Knee for a while discovers a wet patch on the back of her trousers. [sec=Alison]
  69. The sock's aren't me - Nick [sec=Alison]
  70. Ginger flapjacks.
  71. Mmnmnmnnnnmmmnmnmnm - Rachel C. & Owen
  72. Are you more stable than a wok? - Chess to Owen.
  73. Nggeek! - Nick.
  74. There will be NO onomatopaia - passed.
  75. Baaa. Boink. Meow. Bzzz. Neigh! - various people.
  76. I am not a minute, I am a free man! - Nick.
  77. Nick [sec=Rachel]
  78. But you don't have to hear the banging noise- Katie.
  79. Poohsoc to acquire a banging noise - Nick.
  80. Elect Nick to the post of the banging nooise - hung, vetoed.
  81. Hang Nick - hung, CR: artichoke.
  82. Ninja racer edged throwing Rocks - Nick.
  83. I'm not that quotable, I'm just very tired. - Nick.
  84. Censure Rachel for ignoring her history. - passed (R for).
  85. Much discussion on which parts of the country are north, and if Chess is an essex girl.
  86. We got very athletic in Bourthmouth - Katie. [FTR apparently she said she actually didn't get.]
  87. It was a mistake giving Jack the minutes - passed (Alison against.)
  88. Votes to commend Alison for voting against - passed. [Well, according to the minutes, passed.]
  89. Albatross - Katie.
  90. Fred - Rachel H.
  91. Owen re-arrives. "I thought he was gone for good" - Katie.
  92. Two parrots joke - Katie
  93. Little girls are made of Côtes de Rhône.
  94. Two goldfish in a tank. "Do you know how to drive this thing?" - Rosy.
  95. Why did the egg cross the road? Because it had an inclination - Jack.
  96. Chess is not a free man.
  97. Votes to close - passed.


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