Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society, held on the 8th May 2004 in Room 15, 4a Bridge Street

Present: Rosy, Dunstan, Katie, Jack, Matthew, Jonathan, Michelle, Naath, Nick

Apologies: Rachel H, Roz, Alison, Martin (at least for not being able to get us a lawn in Pembroke)

  1. Rosy opens the meeting

  2. Votes to censure Neil: failed

  3. Votes to censure Neil: hung

  4. Katie should spend a day in the wardrobe: failed

  5. Votes to censure Jonathan for non-Pooh related material

  6. Could someone go down?

  7. Dunstan: 'I can put my mug here because this bit has not got any minutes written on it yet and I can write around any marks later'

  8. Rosy: 'I can't vote and count: failed

  9. Rosy: 'Celerity is like celery but faster

  10. Matthew: 'I'm actually in town I should send a text message

  11. Oh, that's a big one

  12. Jack: 'Would anyone care for something fruity?'

  13. Last week's minutes are read by Jonathon

  14. Votes to censure Neil: failed

  15. Nick to Edith: 'You have nipple clamps on your brain'

  16. The 800 decibel thing: passed

  17. Rosy: 'Here be grammar'

  18. ?

  19. Jack: 'What is the plural of penis? Nick: Penies

  20. Edith: 'I had a thought'

  21. Next week's meeting will be held in Piele 304, Newnham College

  22. Michelle: 'I like Milton Keynes

  23. We blame the city planner: passed

  24. Much is said about the Churchill Brothel Fund

  25. They built their fellows

  26. The panders must die: hung - Visitor decides 'I'm going to get you; arh arh arh arh?

  27. Naath is spoilt

  28. Oooh, Matron: failed

  29. I want to be like a slime mould It's fun: passed

  30. Votes to censure people for talking assassin (which looks to me like 'asinine' - fancy that!): passed

  31. Votes to ask them politely to stop talking assassin: passed

  32. Votes to stop playing with the master of death: passed

  33. Votes to censure Naath for doing naughty things with toy animals: passed

  34. Votes to censure Neil: passed

  35. Jack is to join MI6: failed

  36. More places should be in Cambridge: passed (as long as we can relinquish one or two places that are in Cambridge)

  37. Votes to close: passed

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