Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society, held on the Saturday 15th May 2004 in not Piele 304, Newnham College nor Room 1, 3 Selwyn Gardens

Present: Naath (briefly), Owen, Matthew, Chess, Rachel H, Rosy, Dunstan, Jonathana, Jack, Alison and Rachel C. (later).

Apologies: Rachel C. (for being late), Roz, Jon, Naath (for leaving early).

  1. Adjourn to the lawn as it's bloody hot in here. Passed.

  2. We do.

  3. I hope no-one seconds anything. Failed.

  4. I need a chair. Matthew.

  5. Rosy traditionally fills that rôle. Failed.

  6. Cistertion monestries are bad.

  7. What sort of tea is it? Hot, wet and brown. Owen.

  8. We had an ephemeral Katie. Dunstan. [Oo-er. u-sec]

  9. Funnily enough Katie actually was literally ephemeral as etymologically it

  10. It takes three strong men to get the rhubarb in my Grandma's butt. Matthew.

  11. What sort of tea is it? Hot, wet and brown. Owen.

  12. We should write to them and ask them to make a stained glass teapot.

  13. We should write to them and ask them to make a stained glass teapot. Passed.

  14. The home secretary shall. Passed.

  15. After her exams. Passed.

  16. I'm a little tea-pot, short and stout. Here's my handle; here's my spout.

  17. I'm not a student any more. I'm unemployed. Owen.

  18. Votes to commend Neil for bringing donuts. Both seconded and passed unanimously.

  19. Jonathana's name has an 'a' at the end, and will be so recorded. Passed.

  20. Mandate Neil to read through everyone's custom dictionaries. Hung. CR

  21. If you like, I'll go a week as Radagast as penance. Dunstan.

  22. Mandate Neil to hack into everyone's computer therefor, and be censured therefore.

  23. EVERYONE BE QUIET. Passed.

  24. Mine is about this long. Alison.

  25. Censure Katie for being mean. Passed.

  26. Censure everyone holding minutes hostage. Passed.

  27. Censure Neil for being mean. Passed.

  28. T2he teapot shall circle anticlockwise in order to be always full. Passed.

  29. Cens. u.sec. 4 not work'g @ ∞ speed. Passed.

  30. Put a Michelle in the gap. Passed.

  31. Aaagh! Other things I haven't done! Katie.

  32. Owen's going to see what he can get for £23

  33. It has to be OK, Sean Bean's in it. [It was pretty good actually. u-sec.]

  34. Once you've launched a thousand ships off it, you don't want the face.

  35. Apparently Orlando Bloom's extremely solid. Dunstan.

  36. Tea is spilt hereon.

  37. Censure Naath for hostessing a meeting in Absentia. Passed.

  38. "Swizzling" - you know, things. Jack's laughing at me because I

  39. Censure Jack. Passed.

  40. Mandate Alsion to move it under Freddy the Frog. Passed.

  41. If you propose anything silly enough it'll get seconded. Passed.

  42. All my stuff is in a big pile at Churchill.

  43. The LARPers are stealing Chess. Quick, someone tie her down.

  44. Censure LARPers therefor. Passed.

  45. "Archivist" is a real word. I know it from two sources.

  46. Do I look like the OED? Neil.

  47. Censure Neil therefor. Passed.

  48. Censure Dusntan for being sesquipedalian. Passed. [Note: from context,I think we mean "sesquipedalian" as in "having a tendancy to use long words", or conceivably "using long words". "Being a foot and a half long" or "being a long word" are less likely, but, this being poohsoc, I woudn't rule them out. Also, I spelled sesquipedalian right first time, WOO!]

  49. Censurings of Neil must have an amusing reason. Failed.

  50. I'll burn the minutes. Alison.

  51. Brackets? You should use braces. Blue ones.

  52. Owen is coke. Failed.

  53. Blimy, that must have cost you about £

  54. Cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake. Katie.

  55. I don't care what you call it so long as I get to eat it. Neil.

  56. It has glucose syrup in twice.

  57. Censure them for giving Eeyore a pink bow. Passed.

  58. Censure Jack for scaring us. Passed.

  59. Mmmnmnnmmlnmnmnnmh. Owen and Rachel.

  60. Reading "In which Kanga and Roo come to the forest and Piglet has a

  61. This story is a parody of the tripos system. Rachel H.

  62. Dunstan is husky.

  63. Commend Rachel H. for a good "Roo falling into a mouse hole." noise. "Eukz"

  64. Censure Kanga for being mean. Failed.

  65. Maa. Dunstan's as piglet making a squeeky Roo-noise.

  66. Is it a Starling or a Blackbird?

  67. Discuss.

  68. With reference to "Stalingist philosophy."

  69. I don't know what's been sticking in my backside. Dunstan.

  70. Jack to investigate Trinity Gardens for garden party. [No luck. u-sec.]

  71. Censure Neil just enough in his absense. Passed.

  72. No-one second anything. Passed.

  73. Votes to close. Passed.

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