Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society, held on the 5th June 2004 in 2 Chapel Court 2, Jesus College, Cambridge

Present: Katie, Owen, Rachel H., Jonatha, Nick, Nick ("I can't remember if I'm the good twin or the evil one") briefly, Michelle (briefly), Jack, Dunstan (late)

Apologies: Dunstan, Naath, Rosy, Roz, Rachel C.

  1. Jona is hot.

  2. I didn't know how huge you wanted it. (Owen) As huge as possible. (Katie)

  3. We have *actually* ordered T-shirts.

  4. Shall we volunteer Owen for the Amaraetti?

  5. We should do this more often! - It's all quiet and no-one's seconding anything. (Passed)

  6. We're not using natural numbers *again* are we? (Jack)

  7. Because of their obbly, noaty goodness. (Katie)

  8. Censure Jack for being annoying. (Hung)

  9. Minutes of the last meeting read by Katie, Rachel H., Jona, and Owen.

  10. Katie is rendered helpless with laughter by "the miniskirt" to the extent that she cannot finish reading.

  11. The society has to suffer Alison. (Owen)

  12. Well, we all have to suffer Alison to some extent. (Katie)

  13. Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! People! People! (Katie)

  14. Help! Help! I'm being oppressed1 (Katie)

  15. Dave Henderson is mentioned.

  16. Have you minutes mustard this term? (Katie)

  17. Censure the bastards for being bastards (Passed). [re: Owen's job interview]

  18. I think that was my third most embarassing death. (Jona)

  19. Mmm.... Measles and buttered toast. (Dunstan)

  20. Rachel H. leaves.

  21. Votes to censure everyone who isn't here and hasn't apologised. (Passed) [Sorry, Rachel]

  22. We could attack with a sting. Not a missile. (Jona)

  23. We shall harass Tom&Naath & Naath&Tom for Hunny and Condensed Milk Sandwiches.

  24. Is he another of those bishops you know? (Katie to Dunstan)

  25. Biscuit vote. Amaretti (dunks: 43) v. Plain Hobnobs (dunks: 26). Hung. Rachel H: Hobnobs.

  26. They had a stall selling magic Mushrooms (Katie). Ooh, what were they going for? (Dunstan)

  27. There was a couple copulating on the rounderbout. Well, two fewer people who might beat me up. (Katie)

  28. "They were hoping for reams of exposition about women's chests."

  29. Chuck you out for may week? I'm not even a student, and I get to stay until November. (Owen)

  30. I'm ok if there's people I know in the houses so I can shout their names. (Katie) You could shout "David!" (Jack)

  31. Dunstan is bouncy and flexible.

  32. Votes to close. (Passed)

  33. Owen is very abstainy. (Katie) Aah... abstinance. (Dunstan) Mmm... absinth. (Everyone)

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