Minutes of Pilgrimmage to Hartfield 2008

In which we fail to have tea.

Held on Saturday 19th April 2008 in Hartfield and Battle.

Present: Alex, Carol, Ed, James
Later present: a dog
Much later present: James' parents

  1. Open 12.20
  2. Carol lives in Staines, where Ali Gi lives.
  3. S. Baron Cohen is at Cambridge (autism research), but isn't ^.
  4. <Sunny Croft>, although it isn't. [optional - if we put in photos, there are quite a lot of odd road signs. Probably too boring.]
  5. James: "It could be worse, like yesterday - pouring with rain."
  6. Poohsticks Round I: Ed, Carol, ?, ?.
  7. The engineer's flying car.
  8. Alex: "The North Pole is the traditional place to stop for provisions." 4-0-0. Carried.
  9. Carol: "Seconding is like the Sacrament - you can use the word in a sentence without performing it."
  10. We should go the way we think it is rather than what is says on the map [<-- that way]. 3-0-0-1 (Ed panda)
  11. James: "We should go down the path that we are clearly not supposed to go down." 3-0-1. Carried.
  12. We ask for directions to the North Pole at Comdene Lodge [=Wrens Nest?], and get the expected confused look.
  13. Abandon Expotition to North Pole. 3-1-0. Carried.
  14. Gill's Lap is an appropriate place for provisions. 4-0-0. Carried.
  15. Commend wood for burning. 4-0-0. Carried. <photos of the leaky kettle, spray-on fire etc.>
  16. Give up on fire.
  17. A dog arrives.
  18. Reading: NT6 - Poohsticks.
  19. Poohsticks Round II: Carol, James, Ed, Alex.
  20. We apply My Grandfather's Axe to Poohsticks Bridge [last rebuilt 1999].
  21. <Minties of 8/3 Bakeathon>
  22. We are assualted with marshmallows by departing chavlings.
  23. Battle: We watch Doctor Who.
  24. Dinner at James'.
  25. Closed 2-1-1.

Various readings occurred throughout the day, including Alex's Teddy Bear from memory, Explained and NT10: Enchanted Place.

Next week’s meeting at James' (in Trin not Battle).

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