The Pilgrimage

The Pembroke College Winnie-The-Pooh Society's Trip to the Hundred Aker Wood Summer 2002

The Intreped Expoititioners At The Memorial In Ashdown Forest

Towards the end of Easter term 2002, the society once again made a trip to the real Hundred Aker Wood, Ashdown Forest in East Sussex.

After arriving in Hartfield, our three intrepid expoititioners Mr Owen Barritt (President), Mr Martin Seaton (Secretary) and Miss Rosamund Currie (Under-Secretary) ventured up the highstreet into Pooh Corner for pro-things

They then ventured on an expoitition around the forest finding such places as:

Although we couldn't find the actual North Pole, we did however find the East Stick

The East Stick

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