[Minutes of the Non-Meeting Sitting Around Drinking Tea Held on 15th January 2005 at Sherbourne Close, Cambridge]

Present: Jack, Rosy, Katie

1. Katie, Rosy arrive. They are fetchingly red.
2. Tea-cups -pots and saucers arrive to great merriment.
3. Winnie-the-Pooh is discussed.
4. Narrativity is discussed.
5. I know a joke about that! A octopus lends a whale five pounds and then another pound, and later the whale swims up to him with a Superconducting Quantum Interference Detector on his back, but it's a bit broken, and he says "Here's the sick SQUID I owe you!" 
6. A meeting is nearly, but not quite, opened.
7. Do you know any good letting agencies? / There are none.
8. Katie: You can come and sit in the smell of wet cyclist all day.
9. Have you met my gas lamp? Yes, you had it somewhere random.
10. Martin Luther King wasn't assinated [Assassinated, shurely? Ed.] because of white supremacists or civil rights or anything, but because someone objected to confusing him with Martin Luther not-King.
11. Phone: Do-do-do doo-do. Katie: Do-do-do doo-do. That's Sleeping Beuaty. By Tchiakovsky, not Disney. Nor Princess Tutu.
12. Did I catch "Na unt" from you? I don't say it but I think it.
13. I'm a branch line in your thoughts.
14. There's a shortage of thoughts in my family. We have to share.
15. I don't believe in any gods. Except those of washing machines.
16. None of the doors have the bodies of my former lovers hidden behind. Or my current lover's.
17.   K: Absolute music is instrumental music without text, lyrics, or a note from the author saying "This is about my walk in the woods before I saw a scary demon and ran away".
        J: Go on.
        R: Let the poor dear write that down first.
        J: You can go on slowly.
        K: Programme - music - is - the - other - sort.
18.   K: I think her idea of romantic is being bought some screwdrivers.
        J: Well, that's... a bit phallic.
        R: Not these ones. They're ratchet screwdrivers with replaceable ends.
        J: The name too: screw...driver.
19. It's one of those words that exist mainly so you're embarassed when you try to pronounce it. Like 'epitome'. [pron: 'eh-pit-oh-me']
20. Victor Yanus
21. Damn, you *still* haven't got the intramanet.
22.   K: It's like mum calling you at Kitsypooh at work.
        J: No, nothing's like that.
23. What would you LIKE to be called? Perdita.
24. What happened to the others? Was anyone left without a parent when the music stopped?
25. Meeting was decided never to have been opened.