[Minutes of the Elevenses Meeting held on Saturday 22nd January 2005]

Present: Rosy, James, Naath, Jon, Jack, Rachel C, Neil
Guests: Maria, Olivia
Apologies: Katie

1. Naath: Ian Jackson quite likes making me play mao because the way we play you can't talk.
2. Jack: Some of us have been chained here for months.
3. James: Sainsbury's is evil but you go there if you're desperate.
4. Naath: At one point I was a very stupid person. I decided to cycle along the A14.
5. Jon: I prefer the Roman version. No wheeled transport in the city during the hours of daylight.
6. James: I'll read, but wait till the cookieness finishes.
7. Jack: You can enter yourself if you so desire.
8. James: I missed an s, i missed an s...
9. Jon: I have a meeting with a certain member of my advisory staff. Well, not technically my staff, so it may be acrimonious. I'm prepared to shoot her.
10. Rachel: Can you turn me on? Just press down there.
11. Magdelene have posh accents. John's are drunk and homosexual. Christ's work all day and go to bed at 8.00. Peterhouse is homosexual. New hall is... wait, are there any *straight* colleges?
12. Neil: Queens? I have this image of ballet-dancing rugby players, but I think that was just from an Oxford prospectus.
13. Votes to censure Neil. Passed.
14. Reading: Pooh Sticks, in which two books are passed anti-clockwise, one for narrator and one for characters.
15. Jack: I bet she WON'T and I'll share half the money with her if I win.
16. M&O: We need to leave, we don't have coats. James: Oops, me neither. Neil: DOH!
17. Owen arrives.
18. Jon re-arrives. Jon: I didn't shoot the person I went to see. Jack: Did you shoot AT her?
19. Estelle pours a cup of tea and teapot-lid.
20. Did that picture take a lot of photoshopping or do you really look like that?
21. Rachel, is your bathroom round the... hey! You took my chair!
22. The moral of this story is "If people threaten you with death, stand up to them and lock the door."
23. Most of the rooms have sealed off fireplaces, except mine, which has a hole covered in newspaper. When I moved in the first thing I did was to read it.
24.   You could pray with your mouth shut.
        You'd get people shouting down the plumbing to you.
        Well, it's not the MOST convoluted method I've heard of God answering prayers.
        I just have this vision of someone praying into a sink.
        Well, it'd explain why God has this great echoy voice.
25. I can't remember why I had it, but I accidently pressed the volume up button on my CD remote and all the lights in the lecture theatre went down. Then I said "Did that really do that?" and it happened again.
26. Votes to close. Passed.