[Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Elevenses Meeting held on Saturday 29th January 2005 at 62 Jesus Lane, Cambridge]

Present: Rosy, Alison, Jack, Naath, James, Katie, Jon, James, Rachel H 

1. Ceilidhing shoes should be made of transparent aluminum.
2. There should be aluminium shoe only recycling bins for them.
3. Awww. Giles stole my line. That's my line.
4. Last year there was someone who got 102%. And someone who got 15%. The trick is to be the one with 100.
5. We should commend Rosy for Katie's performance on university challenge. Passed.
6. We should quaff tea from the shattered skulls of Queen's college on the 7th march in celebration but not in too a dwarvish manner. Passed.
7. If you think you might be living in a fairy story, don't do anything first, wait for two other people.
8. Tolkien disagreed with many people. Many upset stomachs.
9. Mmmm... Smell like queen's college bops.
10. It's *heavily* listed. Despite being a concrete monstrosoty (tm).
11. It has a mad central computer which hates mathematician and always tries to freeze me or deny me air.
12. Perhaps it's just a building, not designed by mathematicians, but by someone who failed to communicate with them.
13. Some of my best friends are robots in disguise.
14. So if you want to kill anyone, you put poison on glitter and write 'this is not a bomb' on it.
15. I adhere to folderism and we believe every third sunday is a holy day when we have to pile all our folders into one [vast pile.  Possibly.  That's my version of folderism, anyway.  Ed.]
16. His student loan arrived. He said "Does this mean I'm allowed to know all the things I learnt last year?" Unfortunately that wasn't much.
17. Yes, of course your birthday can be a religious holiday. We might have to nail you to a tree first...
17. We care about the constitution. Failed.
18. Commend katie for the austrian apple shortbread. Passed.
19. You don't have to go through Poland to get to Russia from China.
20. They sailed 3/4 of the way round the world, sinking some British fishing boats off shetland being mistaken for Japanese torpedo boats, and then got sunk in three hours.
21. The stoics are fed up. The epicurians are over fed.
22. Many American churches are like mediaevel catholicism -- they're not supposed to read the book at all, just do what everyone else says they should.
23. We're just too embarassed to be nationalistic about anything, even poets. We should have a national "We're so sorry we conquered you, old chap. After you." day.
24. Minutes read by Rosy and Katie.
25. Jon: Any straight colleges? Judging by their corridors, no.
26. Jack: Someone observed, do you ever get the impression man is locked in a strange sadomasochistic relationship with God, and have forgotten the safeword.
27. We don't just say "We'd like some money for chaos."
28. Reading:
29. If anyone fancies dressing up in dodgy uniforms and coming to queens...
30. Naath's next week. Katie's after that. James apologies for next week.
31. Voted to close. Passed.