Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Campake Party held  on the Campake Day (Saturday 12th February 2005) in Selwyn Road


Present: Alison, Martin, Rachel H, Jack, Tom, Naath, Estelle, Lakshmi, Katie, Jon,

Guests: Sara, Simon, David


1. They have fights with the Go Society on who is sadder.

2. Martin's just trying to solve mass conservation in the kitchen.

3. From meeting opened to Tom talking about porn in 9 1/2 minutes.

4. Are you minuting all this or something?

5. You should call one of them weird Dave so you can tell them apart. / They're all weird.

6. Double Headed Dave is mentioned.

7. I put it upstairs in case "someone" tried to take it apart.

8. Votes to let visitors vote. Passed.

9. If you were really sad you could build your star destroyer in the.

10. Someone had the good idea of non-euclidian lego to build Ryleth.

11. Tea leaf reading: lots of nests and no roosters.

12. We should start with pudding, continue with pudding, and  finish with pudding.

13. Jon: There are so few of me it's not an issue.

14. Votes to commend Estelle for bringing a teapot. Abstained.

15. Shall we try again. Failed.

16. Votes to commend Estelle for bringing a teapot. Passed.

17. Votes to censure the society for not informing Tomandnaath of their duties when elected as a combined entity. Passed.

18. Votes to censure Tomandnaath for not knowing instinctively what their duties are once elected. Passed.

19. The minutes must be passed round. Passed.

20. When they get to Naath we start reading them too.

21. Censure Naath for not replying.

22. What does "Censure Jack for not bringing three prime" mean? / It says "three *foot*".

23. It is campake day. Passed.

24. All sorts of faculties are running wild in the streets.

25. They *are* in order. Just not the usual order.

26. Proposal to campake in parties. Implicitely passed.

27. RH: No, I'm not a frying pan.

28. Minute two refers to a drinking bird toy that works without water.

29. That's not because I'm holding a pretzel!

30. Where are the slidy scrapy things?

31. So you basically downloaded all the videos on the internet? / We had a fat pipe. It wasn't hard. / OO-ER.

32. Tom: Oh! We're having pancakes??

33. That's my notes on digestable foods.

34. Assassin sweatshirts should all have a big target on.

35. We only caused one armed police response this term.

36. I've seen an assasination lead to a traffic violation.

37. Lat time he rendezvoused he went to go look for them.

38. I'm peeling an orange. That's like eating.

39. Votes to commend (quick, what's his name?) David on general tossing. Passed.

40. We can always make more when everyone's had one. When everyone in the meeting has, I mean.

41. Meaow!

42. Tom is a vicious mixer. Passed.

43. Vicious Mixer is a 60's grunge band. Passed.

44. Therefore Tom is a 60's grunge band. Passed.

45. Do you mean by modus ponens? Passed.

46. Commend Jack for fast minute writing. Hung. CR for.

47. Commend Jack for very fast minute writing. Passed.

48. Motion to pass another motion to give him more practice. Passed.

49. I hate you all. Passed.

50. I was born in the wrong country for not liking Elgar.

51. [Gossip gossip gossip gossip gossip gossip gossip gossip]


53. Ow! Campake burnth.

54. Censure campake for biting Katie (even though she was going to bite it). Passed.

55. Censure Martin for hiding. Passed.

56. Censure Neil. Hung. CR for.

57. Commend Tom for socks.

58. Essay algorithm: write thoughts, sort thoughts, print thoughts.

59. Maiow.

60. You can call. I'm busy sitting on a chair.

61. I've only ever once blown up a blender by doing that.

62. K: Do you really not want books, or are we going to start and you'll say "Waah! I don't have a book."? / T: Yes.

63. Reading: In which Piglet does a very grand thing.

64. We can't have the next meeting in Katie's as she's at two rehersals at once.

65. Possibly at Estelle's.

66. [The] AGM [will be held on] on Sunday 13th.

67. Votes to Close. Passed.