Minutes of the Pembroke Colege Winnie-the-Pooh Society and Sheila and Her Dog Society Formal Hall of Diplocmacy held on 15th February at Jesus College hall and bar


Present: Jack, Rosy, Rachel, Rachel, Alison, Lukshmi

Apologies: Katie, Lukshmi

Guests: Simeon "Simeon" Bird aka Simian, Alex "Corkscrew" Labram, Ed aka Alchemist aka Wolfman, Adam.


Napkin 1, side 1:

0. The soup is ambrosia.

1. Only ten girls in pygamas can fit in Simeon's room at once.

2. As the food is an artifact, Rachel shall take it away and stratigraphy at it.

3. Oops. I'm putting my hands in the custard.

5. I means you have to be turned upsidedown and whacked on a teddy.

6. Jack now weighs 200T. Passed.

7. Jack is imperial. Passed.

8. They share thoughts so no wonder he gets her hangover.

9. In soviet russia, the penguin drops you.

10. Pembroke doesn't exist. Hung CR against.

11. We're Rachel.

12. The title is pembroke person or general dogsbody or something.

13. The Capture the Flag Society invites Poohsoc on behalf of Shiela to Capture the Flag.

14. You've already surrounded our president.

15. All Sheila members are dead and we've won. Passed.

16. Members of Sheila, I propose the next person to see ^twatface^ shoots him.

17. It's extract of Malta.

18. I've decided not to join the Sheilas yet as I'm not geeky enough.

19. David Chrichton winked at R.C.

20. David Chrichton is dead.

21. Could you change your tense of conversation so someone else can understand?

22. Censure Neil for continuity.

23. A: Alison stripped her top off and danced on the table.


Napkin 1, side 2:

25. I'd like to see a waiter carrying them off.

26. Poohsoc owns the souls of everyone who comes within 100m of a meeting.

27. So who writes to tell them? Home sec or foreign sec?

28. There were two Richards as well. Richard and other Richard.

29. What is Neil Wyn Timothy Grendel Marquis Hurst studying at Oxford?

30. We have an agenda. Someone set poohsoc up the bomb.

31. Write down in the minutes that Ed is not funny.

32. Write down in the minutes that Simeon is wrong.

33. Write down in the minutes that Simeon is wrong.

34. Ben looks surprisingly good as a Panto Dame in a short skirt and strappy top.

35. A: You can't do too much maths.

36. Stats is by definition too much maths.

37. Where is saturday? / Between friday and sunday.

38. Correction: Lakshmi apologised for next week's meeting, not next meeting.

39. Minature tap dancing vampire penguins are climbing up my bed.

40. Alison has a hidden agenda. Hung. CR no comment.

41. R.C.'s is magic.

42. Censure S. Passed.

43. We propose a sweepstake on which of Simeon and Richard Gibson will procreate first and in what year.

44. Votes to close. Failed.

45. Censure Jack. Passed.

46. Simeon is a gremlin.

47. Compscis don't have beards, they have shrubbery.

48. That's funny because it's true.

49. I have a beard whenever I don't shave. "Exam beard."

50. I rephrase. Beards by choice are for the weak.

51. Michelle or Matthew should grow a beard so we don't have to go find a shrubbery for the Knights Who Say 'Ni'.

52. Commend the door. Passed.

53. Beards are for the week. Not just for Xmas.

54. There's a nexus of extremely disturbed people in cambridge.


Agenda, side 1:

55. [Humming badger badger] / STOP! I'm alergic to that. Seriously, I come out in a rash. He's been playing it through my wall for three months.

56. Censure Sheila for the Ballard of Bilbo Baggins.

57. Have you seen Free Enterprise? Do so. It's William Shatner trying to rap the whole of Shakespear.

58. And it's by two geeks who, just so they can meet William Shatner, write a film about two geeks who, just so they can meet William Shatner, write a film for him.

59. We have 60 minutes. Aka 1 hour.

60. Please can we censure Ed for SS.

61. Censure for non-pooh-related material. Passed.

62. Permission to swear?

63. Mr. Lebram tried to drown the queen.

64. Censure the above for trying to drown one of the society members!

65. Actually, yes, the queen could drown, if she's a water soluble robot.

66. Ninja tribbles from outerspace on Red October!

67. We should rewrite Milne to include fire breathing space ships with wings!

68. Pity, evil tribbles with pointy ears are cool.

69. Oo-er.

70. Furbies are evil tribbles with pointy ears. Passed.

71. Pliers and a welding torch, or a rail gun, will penny a wine bottle.

72. You could just declare this to be the inside.

72. Now I have to drink the entire universe. Passed.

73. Censure Jack for tickling Alison. Passed.

74. Censure Jack for drinking the entire universe. Passed.


76. You should have a laptop in a waterproof gown.

77. Jomsburg causes the sun to rise by dancing on castle mound.

78. So does Round.

79. Sheila causes the sun to rise by summoning Yog Soddoth.

80. I think it has to be humanoid to be a furry. / Game. only that's not possible.

81. L: No, I'm not an assassin.

82. Close.

83. I declare this to be a penguin and Sheila is closed.

84. We should have Poohsoc/Sheila Princess Bride watchings of diplomacy.