Minutes of the PCWtPS elevenses Meeting held on 20/02/05 in Rm2, 62 Jesus Lane

[As 20/02/05 was a Sunday, I presume this meeting actually took place on 19/02/05.]

Present: Jonathoan , Katie, Rachel H, Jack, Naath, Giles, Estelle
Apologies: Rosy, Lukshmi, Tom, Edith
Guests: Alice/Beth (we can call her either), John

1. Meeting opened.
2. Put the bomb on the ground.
3. Dickens wrote under the name Boz.
4. How do teddy bears procreate.
5. Jappiness prevails. Come in if you're happy. [Happiness, shurely? Ed.]
6. Stange graffiti/grafitti 'if freedom means anything it means the 
freedom to tell people things they don't like.'
7. A postcard! Read the front and then read the back...
8. There's nothing like tiffin for colds.
9. Censure Gilian Dickdnsl of Churchilll housekeeping - passed.
10. Let visitors vote - passed.
11. Step on a crack, bread [As in cod? Ed.] your back. cf. Lines and squares.
12. It's accommodation. Probably.
13. Short words that are complicated but not hard to spell.. mu
14. Is this where we have to do the fish in the tank & the parrots on the perch jokes? - 
15. We do them anyway.
16. Minutes of the formal hall and campake meeting.
17. Commend Jack for minuting formal hall - passed.
18. Censure Giles' shoulder for hurting - passed.
19. Dave Henderson is mentioned for continuity.
20. Censure Neil for continuity - passed.
21. Lets abstain a motion to show Estelle how it's done - abstained.
22. If at first you don't succeed, sky diving is not for you.
23. Giles' boat fell apart - so they lost their race.
24. Estelle lost her emails.
25. Giles has to wear a skirt to A/E GMs - passed.
26. Commend Katy for making cake - passed.
27. Reading - IN which a House is built at Pooh Corner for Eeyore.
28. Alice/Beth goes to write essays.
29. Alice/Beth has a huge Eeyore.
30. Reading Lines and Squares - Rachel J.
31. Reciting (until we get stuck) JJMM.
32. Estelle's next week. For sure this time. G5 Ridley Hall.
33. No ham sandwiches for the Garden Party - passed.
34. Censure John for changing the geometry of the universe - passed.
35. Sing a song of Giles not here - failed.
37. Votes to close - passed.