Minutes of the PCWtPS elevenses MEeting held on 5/3/05 in G5, Main Court, Ridley Court.

Present: Estelle, Jon, Jack, Rosy, Katie, Rachel H. [Someone abbreviated as A.]
Apologies: Giles ("bumps"), Matthew ("something different every saturday"), Rachel C. (implicitly rugby)
Guests: Dave

1. Declare this meeting... open. Seconded...
2. E: Do you want to weak tea or the less weak tea?
3. Rosy has brought the mug to end all mugs.
4. Ostriches in suits on postcard: Motion to hide our heads in the sand proposed and seconded.
5. We should have watered down Rosy's tea so everyone has a constant amount of tea rather than a constant volume.
6. Waitrose's largest stores which pretend to be part of John Lewis sell teasmaids.
7. Old yoghurt pots are much better especially when they say the wrong thing on the lid.
8. Katie should siphon water into her room from the kitchen to make tea with.
9. I don't die -- obviously -- but it doesn't half hurt.
10. It's like a buzzer of doom, even worse than the one in our house.
11. Buzzer of doom! Buzzer of doom! Buzzer of doom! Buzzer of doom!
12. K: "Spodding" sounds like the sort of disgusting thing plants in the rainforest do.
13. R: I think it's something to do with the interweb.
14. A: Perhaps something nasty happened to the original reporter, which is why she couldn't come to poohsoc. John: I haven't touched her.
15. Learning about cataloging? Well, if the number on the first book is smaller than the number on the second book...
16. There's a whole world of difference between 
17. Katie will both look imperious and sing Alouette. Passed.
18. K: There's a hole in my sock.
19. Katie will both look imperious and sing Alouette NOW. Passed.
20. J: But often quite different words
21. It was quite early morning when this was on the radio, but I don't think I made it up.
22. A: I could have a poll. "Do you know who I am. Yes? No?" 
23. K: If I had an lj I'd ask things like "what do you mean by 'know'".
24. Censure Estelle's bell. Passed.
25. K: I can't spod. All my writing has to be a dissertation.
26. J: Large gigabytes of... K: What are 'large' gigabytes. J: 2^30 rather than 10^9.
27. I always have a 'what are you talking about again' about some simple scientific concept 
28. N: The tiddlywinks society is closing down. THE WINKERS ARE DYING!
29. R: If anyone asks you to join the ivfdf committee run and hide behind the sofa.
30. J: There are variations on the theme. For instance the grey eminence who used to be chairman and now is honarary president or something. Jon: Ciccu works like that. J: Wait, do you mean God, or an honorary chairman who's more mortal?
31. E: Even being in Ridley Hall I know what CICCU is but not what it stands for. N: They stand for hitting people over the head with bibles.
32. Small plushy representations of God are the best!
33. Votes to commend Estelle for monogrammed tea-cosy. Passed.
34. Votes censure the tea for not being under it. Passed.
35. Have you paid membership? No? Votes to allow visitors to vote. Passed.
36. Votes to not recount any votes David voted in. 
37. RH probably apologises for next week.
38. Commend Estelle's teapot for having a decanting hole. Passed.
39. Commend Estelle for being able to pour into it.
40. It's snowing! K: Can't we pretend it's hail or something so it'll go away.
41. R: Have we developed a Jew?
42. Has the underpooh got a book? The correct book? In english?
43. Reading: Quo in capite Pu ac Porcellus venatum prodeunt et paene vusillum captant. [In which Pooh and Piglet go hunting and nearly catch a woozle.]
44. Votes to commend Rachel for reading in Latin. Passed.
45. Votes to commend Rosy for translating into French. Passed.
46. R: Something funny.
47. J: You need to work on your glare. I'm barely withered at all. A: It's better when I can peer over glasses. J: here. A: How's this? J: Are you glaring at me or something? I can't see a thing.
48. Katie in jack's glasses: Oh, you're barely blind at all.
49. Jack in Katie's glasses: Aah! The world's attacking me!
50. That's only being a quite good employer. Soak them for all they're worth.
51. A round of applause for the 50th minute. Failed.
52. A round of appluase for the 52nd minute. Passed.
53. We could call her Rachel J. to avoid confusion.
54. No, it was invented by a different guy called Dvorak.
55. I feel sorry for the poor guy who invented Polish notation, and no-one could pronounce his name so they called it 'polish'.
55. Estelle is going to a hen night. That's why she's dressed in black. 
56. Votes to close.
57. Votes to close all meetings currently open.
58. Votes to close all meetings currently open apart from the emergency meeting in a cupboard in case we accidentally sack all the committee and then close the meeting. Passed.
59. It's ok, there's a long tradition of the secretary recording people dancing on the tables in silly costumes at Jesus. It's just that the first I knew of it was when I read it in the paper.
At least they got your name wrong. And didn't print where you worked.
60. There's a lot of Selwyn boat club cyclists about. There should be a collective noun.
How about "a magenta'?
Their jackets aren't magenta. How about 'a burgundy'?
But that's already a noun.
'A maroon'?
That's already a noun. And one that means a SINGULAR selwyn boat club cyclist.
61. M17? Is that like an M16 but more so?
I have a course called that.