Minutes of the pembroke college winnie-the-pooh society AGM Sunday 13th March

Present: Lukshmi, Rosy, Rachel H, Katie, Jack, Giles, Naath, Jon, Estelle, Alison, Martin (in a Schrodinger sort of way).
Apologies: Matthew, David

1. We look for a projector screen retracting button, but worry that the wrong button might cause the walls to close in. More.
2. We wave our hands about like ents. And like people at ents. Maybe that's why ents are called ents.
3. Meeting opened.
4. Censure people for excessive tolkiening. Passed.
5. Votes to close. Hung.
6. We are not a government. Technically.
7. Censure Neil for continuity. Passed.
8. Dave Henderson is mentioned.
9. "Lots of other Daves" are mentioned.
10. Commend Naath for stripey socks with tiggers on. Passed.
11. Votes to close. Passed.
12. AGM is opened. 
13. That's Alison.
14. CR against #5, fortunately.
15. Commend Lakshmi for cake and Rosy for biscuits. Passed.
16. G: You open the cash box with brute force?
17. K: We have one cash box that locks and one that's red.
18. Treasurer's report. We have 252.95p exactly. 25 paying members. Garden party happened. Profit 27.34. T-shirts happened. 17 sold, 7 not sold.
19. There are no rons in cambridge. Passed. 
20. Censure Neil for continuity. Passed.
21. Censure Alison for, uh, that. Hung. CR: against.
22. Hustings for President: Jack then Naath. 
23. Jack, patriotism: "Jerusalem" or "Pooh Corner". 
24. Commend Jack on Husting: passed
25. Quizzing: ask Jack Math's questions: prove x by induction answer: The Amazon. Sometimes its 3 pi something.
26. Methods of counting in which Girton = Homerton
27. Naath husts. "I am a silly person with Pooh Socs (sic) and therefore should be in charge of this silly society".
28. Shoehorning data out of Owen - very difficult.
29. Owen's human rights should be upheld.
30. We may terrify people but we are NOT terrorists.
31. Naath will hold the constitution up but not all the time, as her arms will get tired (and she won't be able to do anything).
32. Confusedly Naath and Jack both pledge to do something about the war on Sheila at the last minute.
33. Jack 2
Naath (about 6)
Ron (1 or 0)
Naath wins.
34. Hustings for Secretary: Jack. 
35. Reprise of "Pooh Corner" (aka Jerusalem). To much applause.
36. Should Jack be elected secretary he will stand on a suitably selected chair at the next Elevenses Meeting. But not Naath as she is unstable. Passed
37. Jack skips.
38. Jack : n-2
Ron: 2
39. They have TESSA at Newnham as RON is a boy and not allowed to stand (he can only sit).
40. Giles husts for treasurer. He breaks with tradition by proposing to get a red cash box with a key! He also had a brain scan and apparently has one. Did they find any tunes? He requites the secretary's passion.
41. Katie husts. She hasn't embezzled. Signs for non-katie and non-rosy. Marmaduke.
42. Giles 3. Katie 3. Abs. 1. CR: makes people hust again. Katie. Resigns. Giles.
43. Chess for undersecretary. Rachel H. husts. She is Michelle breifly. No, Michelle Hart briefly. No, Michelle Hart comma briefly. What is her favorite Jam? Estelle skips.
44. Michelle 6. Ron 2. Michelle.
45. Commend Estelle for skipping.
46. Estelle for foreign secretary. Much untranscribable foreign langauge is husted. Can she say something in hebrew or greek or something? She can say YHWH. Did you skip twice last time? Wink. Wink. Uh, yes.
47. The treasurer might like to know we have a McVities voucher in the cashbox.
48. Estelle 6. Ron 2. Estelle.
49. There are no Rons in cambridge. Passed.
50. CUFSFS has a varsity fish dual match with london.
51. Alison Husts: "Where's Katie?" "I've had some practice and am also the Alice (to reduce dodgy jokes). Novel ways of determining whether the society is for or against. Wear novel dresses to each A/EGM." 
52. Blue braces - has flatmate but nowhere to clip them to dress. Will keep pooh well stocked with honey.
53. Alison loves honey and condensed sandwiches.
54. 2+2=5 for 2 sufficiently large.
55. Rosy husts: "I've been on the committee for ages, I will read with small boyishness and I will make predominantly sensible but often arbitrary decisions on hung votes. 
56. No blue braces but blue elastic bands on braces.
57. Jam with fruit is best. Against jam with chemicals in.
58. Has a boat approximating to an umbrella, but not in Cambridge.
59. Katie It would bring a new dimension to: "When is Rosy going to remove this boat from on top of the tumble drier".
60. Rosy for Christopher Robin and Heffalump by Proxy.
61. We want another sugar for stirring with.
62. Rachel for home sec. She has constitutions and has sent postcards. A wozzle is a vegetable, as opposed to a woozle which is an animal at root. She sent the society postcards. She sent the society postcards. Her favorite jam is gooseberry. She does a root vegetable impression. "Can I stop doing an impression of a root vegetable now?"
63. Everyone is called Alison. Passed.
64. Ron should skip. Twice. Rachel goes to tell him.
64. Commend Rachel for sending the society postcards.
65. Would I get censured for non-pooh related material if I suggested we should get ron weasly to skip? Passed.
66. K: I think alison has a thing for ron.
67. Rachel says ron has run off.
68. Rachel 7. Ron 1. Rachel.
69. Loyal toast.
70. Propose honorary membership for Martin Seaton because (1) he was half on the people who rewrote the constitution (2) he's been all the committee posts (3) he never turns up any more. Passed.
71. Create the temporary committee post of Pembroke Liason officer. Passed.
72. Elect Lakshmi to it. Passed.
73. There's a key here that says mul-T-lock. And DO NOT DUPLICATE. But there's no way of stopping you. Except that no shop will.
74. It's like college keys that have the room number on so it you if you lose it whoever finds it knows where to break in.
75. We have a complicated relationship between things written on keys and staircases. You often find interview canditates wandering about lost, and you say "Where are you going?" and they say "I don't know" and you say "What does it say on your key?" and they say "I don't know" and you have to borrow their map and read it to them. And then you say "Haha! That was the first taste and you've failed." Unless they are *really* clever and tell you they're their rival.
76. Minutes read by Naath and Katie and Giles.
77. It's not a tradition. More of a very slow running feud.
78. Reading: Quo in capite Christophorus Robinus convivium in honorem Pui dat et 'Valete' dicimus. Naath piglets in Latin which is fast becoming a tradition. Secon... no.
79. Estelle apologises for next week. The hen night caused a wedding.
80. Votes to close. Passed.