Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Extraordinary Pancake Meeting

In which pancakes are constructed and demolished.

Held on Tuesday 5th February 2008 in CGM's kitchen, Lucy Cavendish College.

Present: CGM, Lisa, James, Carol, Becky, Jonathon, Ed, Jack.

  1. Visitors can vote. 4-0-2. Carried.
  2. Jon: "Proctors used to go around at night beating up students out after ten."
  3. Jon: Probably unintentional innuendo involving sucky things, suggestive gestures and nipples.
  4. Jon: "Apparently knocking on the table is a way of thanking people for pouring you a drink… it's like miming bowing."
  5. Jon has the first pancake of dubious quality. Apparently it's not dubious at all.
  6. Lisa: "Who wants a pancake covered in tea?"
  7. Jack's frying pan is not flat.
  8. Jon: "The hardest thing is probably the fire extinguisher." For bashing the solidified brown sugar.
  9. CGM: "Cambridge is poor for accessibility. I suppose it comes of being so old."
  10. Ed: "You never when you might need a statistician." 7-0-1. Carried. <Minutes with never knowing when you might need a scalar/screw 5/5/07>
  11. Votes to recognise Owen. 7-0-1. Carried.
  12. Jonathon experienced the pedestrian version of a drive-by insult by a chav girl.
  13. James: "This fork only has three prongs."
  14. CGM: "The rest of us will learn from experience." Oo-er. Of pancake-making.
  15. CGM has another go at the sugar cube. Lisa also has a go.
  16. We should requisition the saucer. 6-0-2. Carried.
  17. Jack read the one with two bears in it [Twice Times].
  18. It is hard to get two-times-one wrong unless you're a Mathmo. A survey ensues.
  19. Letters: Xi (Ξ, ξ), Phi (Ψ), Kappa (κ), Queue (Q). [Dammit, we don't have words for our own letters. Ed]
  20. Lions on, and sucking of, eggs.
  21. Ed: "I only have to write it down if you actually commend me for being good at making pancakes and someone seconds it." 4-0-1-1. Carried. Ed is a dragon, and is thus terribly cute.
  22. Reservation of seats at formals by fair means or foul.
  23. America's unfair treatment of non-state Washington DC.
  24. CGM has been defloured. Oo-er.
  25. CGM: "Who gets which what?"
  26. CGM reads Watching at the window again, featuring Jon as the raindrop of the same name.
  27. Evolution vs. thermodynamics - a creationist fails to spot the Sun.
  28. Ed: "The meeting is closed." 4-1-0-1 James spoils by vanilla.

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