Minutes of the Annual General Meeting 2008 of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society

In which many of the society are elected to posts they already hold.

Held on Saturday 23rd February 2008 in Sidgwick Hall, Newnham.

Present: CGM, Jack, Carol, Becky, Lisa & Owen, James, Beetle, Ed, Ben Parker. [Ten people IS at least 33% of the paying members, so our AGM can run. Ed.]

  1. Lisa: "Owen, stop it!"
  2. James resigns as the James.
  3. The nearest court of this college found to be metric is a court of Pembroke. Carried.
  4. AA: "There is a magic thingy under the tablecloth that stops it killing the table". Carried.
  5. Carol no longer owes the Society £4; Bag no longer owes £2.
  6. AA proposes himself Acting-Tea-Monkey-[Illegible] for the course of this meeting.
  7. Elect all those elected at the EGM and those whose posts are not contested. Carried.
  8. Alex may define himself how he likes. Failed.
  9. James is minuting.
  10. They are elected. Carried.
  11. Martin was seen this morning.
  12. "That" is what she said.
  13. Ben should skip for Keeper of the Society's Baboons. Carried.
  14. Ben: "I could get arrested." Carried.
  15. Dave Henderson is mentioned.
  16. "Hello guy writing a PhD on us in many years' time."
  17. <Minutes> of 16/2/08.
  18. Dealing with Archives. Pem? UL? Do we retain possession of the documents?
  19. Commend ourselves on reaching 15. Carried unanimously.
  20. Having a 15½th anniversary dinner. In Pem? Email the Alumni list. To be held when Pem are available. Talk to James Lloyd.
  21. Owen says he is technically not here anymore.
  22. President:    CGM: 1st    TESSA: 2nd [Isn't Tessa more extreme than Ron? Ed.]
  23. CR:   Alexander Atkins:   1st    RON: 2nd
  24. Ben: "Let's all take our clothes off and paint each other." Failed 1-8-1. [CGM mentioned renaissance in her husting speech. Ed.]
  25. Committee to veto that. Carried.
  27. Home Secretary:   Lisa: 1st   James & Jack: joint 2nd
  28. Foreign Secretary:   James: 1st   Jack: 2nd [After much electoral collusion. Ed.]
  29. James is Roo.
  30. The Loyal Toast is given.
  31. We will open the battenburg. Failed. AA does regardless.
  32. [AA: lamb massala, boiled rice. Ed: pepper chicken, lemon rice. Becky: pepper chicken. They're on the same piece of paper as the minutes, so in they go. Ed.]
  33. Jack reads Journey's End.
  34. Meeting paused whilst we adjourn to the Rice Boat.
  35. Every cloak has a silver lining. No it doesn't. Well, Jack's does.
  36. Jack orders the platter that sounds like a Sith Lord. [Vada Platter.]
  37. Secretary leads an Expotition to the Cash Machine.
  38. Due to automatic 50p price reduction, Budgens once sold Beetle muffins for -10p.
  39. Ed necessarily pauses the minuting.
  40. Highlights of the interminutiae:
  41. -"Simeon Bird once metamorphosed into a wine glass that could not metamorphose into God." [The were bit in werewolf apparently means man not shapeshifter. Ed]
  42. -Orthogonal vs. perpendicular [The latter is a special case and is more physical.]
  43. -Ed reads Us Two. It must be good: it has dragons in it.
  44. -Days of more than 24 hours.
  45. (Dave Henderson likes) mustard.
  46. Review of old minutes. [It turns out that these minutes contain a spoiler as Ed's writing is sometimes insufficiently illegible.]
  47. Cascading shoulder leaning <photo>.
  48. <Committee photo>.
  49. The photos will make their way off Lisa's camera tomorrow. Carried.
  50. James: "Er-h'r'm" Carried.
  51. Lisa's footnote is E#.
  52. Alex can't take Lisa's foot off her. Carried.
  53. There should only be pedantry when it's funny. Failed.
  54. Ed: "Good grief, what is it now?" Passed.
  55. Lisa's fiddling looks like half a vote.
  56. Ed: "You could buy something else that you want and ask for the hot water free." Carried.
  57. Ed: "Pounding could be a more extreme form of pennying."
  58. CGM doesn't like people putting dirty bits of metal in people's drinks.
  59. Alex reads from NT4 - Tiggers don't climb trees - as he didn't get to do Roo enough.
  60. Reading: NT 2 - Tigger has breakfast.
  61. RSVP seems to have come to mean 'reply if you are coming' rather than 'reply stating if you are coming'. This is a Bad Thing.
  62. Thus CGM cooked for a party to which nobody turned up, believing that some people might.
  63. Time travel fancy dress.
  64. Closed 5-0-2.

Next week’s meeting is the TBC.

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