Minutes of the Afternoon Event [like an Elevenses Meeting, but not quorate. Ed.]

In which our host redefines coffee cake.

Held on Saturday 1st March 2008 in Lucy Cavendish Common Room.

Present: CGM, Ed.    Later Present: James
Apologies: Lisa & Owen, Jack, Carol

  1. Ed was stopped by the Porters.
  2. CGM is sewing a triangular patch, which happens to be decorative, over a hole. She's more versatile than a sewing machine.
  3. Coffee cake in the sense of what it should accompany: teacake already means something quite different. It is contains no coffee, but is topped with nuts and cinnamon.
  4. Recycling - destruction is fun - bottle smashing, crushing of plastic containers. Milk-bottle-top-firing competitions. The necessity of a long kitchen.
  5. Scope of Europe. US States are neither counties not countries.
  6. Ed reads Explained to find out what it's about.
  7. James arrives and we are upgraded to an Elevenses Meeting.
  8. Ed confirms that the orange smartie tastes slightly more of orange than the red one. [The ingredients do list orange extract, so this is reasonable.]
  9. Spelling and pronunciation.
  10. Ed "On account of being foreign in a different way." [Møller Centre sounds like a yoghurt. Ed.]
  11. <Minutes> of AGM.
  12. CGM "We keep mentioning Dave Henderson and then mentioning him again in the minutes and then having a conversation about him. We're very good at this." Failed.
  13. James vetoes AGM minute 23 [Renaissance nudity and painting], just in case.
  14. CGM reads Introduction to Now We Are Six, in which 'Er-h'r'm' is spelled out.
  15. Reading: OT 3 - Pooh and Piglet Hunt.
  16. It is not very sensible. Carried. [American universities' admissions policies.]
  17. Random walks and the Physics cupboard [The once containing the light inextensible strings and the perfectly elastic point masses.]
  18. Closed 3-0-0.

Next week’s meeting is the TBC.

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