Minutes of the Elevenses of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society

In which several members win with cake, and there is much reading.

Held on Saturday 8th March 2008 in Churchill College Buttery and Eeyore's Gloomy Place.

Present: Ed, James, Carol, CGM    Later Present: JADA
Apologies: Lisa & Owen

  1. The Society pays Ed 1.99 for the ironic folder for this year's minutes.
  2. Commend Ed on his ironic-folder-finding ability. Carried. [I thought I would get censured - the folder in question is Disney Cuties and has a happy Eeyore on it. Ed.]
  3. <Minutes of 1/3/08>.
  4. CGM wins overall with her butterscotch brownies; Ed wins in chocolate with his Guinness cake [<http://esurientes.blogspot.com/2005/05/guinness-chocolate-cake.html> but with (⅓ of the sugar and the remaining stout) as drizzle instead of the icing, cooking for 60mins. Ed.].
  5. We should censure Alex for being late. Carried unanimously [4].
  6. Ed confuses 'perforating' and 'proof-reading' of CGM's paper.
  7. We adjourn to Eeyore's Gloomy Place and admire the stuff that IA Materials give students, or that one can nick from practicals [fcc and NaCl structures, poly(paperclip), shape memory wire, crying tin].
  8. It appears that anyone can open a Meeting when 3 of us are present. Please don't tell them, or they might do so.
  9. Sabbaths. Wednesday would be a poor choice.
  10. Doctor Who. Ed demonstrates his Pav costume of that ilk.
  11. Practicals. Whether IB Physics practicals should encourage or discourage MwPs to defect our way. [Ed is a physicist and loves the prac.]
  12. Rooms. Churchill's rooms vary from ⅔ the size of Ed's to massive four-room sets [should these include a kitchen?] and vary in price from about 600 to 1k per term. Price appears less than proportional to value.
  13. James seconds Ed's "If nobody 'agrees' with that, I don't have to write it down." Carried.
  14. School year systems.
  15. Reading: King John's Christmas.
  16. Ed reads Eeyore's introduction to POEM from NT10.
  17. South Korea is the one not ruled by a man in green pyjamas. Carried with James spoiling by green pyjamas. [Beetle must have arrived by now as ∑votes=5.]
  18. Reading: OT9: Surrounded by Water.
  19. Ed to read Pooh in the above. Carried.
  20. Alex may have his next cup of tea. Carried.
  21. Beetle ft. James reads Disobedience [JJMMWGD].
  22. Ed reads Halfway Down.
  23. Beetle reads Us Two.
  24. We're nice and don't force the Secretary to minute things. Carried unanimously [5. Why did I vote for this? It's clearly not true. Perhaps it is a resolution? Ed.].
  25. Beetle reads the rhyme from Explained.
  26. Root Veg Soc meetings are ended by saying 'Thanks be to AA Aubergine'.
  27. The sonic screwdriver.
  28. Closed 3-0-1-1. We go to hall as Trin are not serving today and we appear to be here.
  29. CGM: "Ed has control of the minutes, making him nearly God." Not voted on; we don't have to as it is no longer a meeting.

Next week’s meeting is to be in the Doctor Who exhibition, on the Cam between here and Grantchester or in James' room. It all depends.
[Ed proposes that he read Market Square next time he comes to a Meeting.]

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