Minutes of Extraordinary Elevenses Meeting - Monday 17th September 2001

Held In: A Restaurant, Penrith, Cumbria

Present : Ben, Jenny, Rosie, Andrew, Owen

Apologies : None

  1. The meeting is opened by Owen. Rosie & Andrew have just finished a week building dry stone walls in Wasdale, and Ben & Jenny have been visiting Keswick.

  2. We wonder why nobody has appologised. It may be a Monday, we might not have told anybody and it might be outside termtime, but that is no excuse!

  3. Votes to censure Ben for claiming that a Zippy toy was better then a classic Pooh toy F: 3, A:1, Ab:1 - carried.

  4. Ben takes over minuting

  5. The discussion moves onto the guesthouse that Ben and Jenny were staying in and the places that the guesthouse owner claimed his dog liked to be stroked.

  6. Rosie and Andrew tell us about the games they played in Wasdale. They also tell us about the game they didn't play which involved carrying 50p pieces using an unusual part of your anatomy.

  7. Rosie suggests we put the sofa on our laps while we eat. However, we decide it would be easier just to sit on it.

  8. Apparently Andrew slept with all the girls at Wasdale.

  9. Rosie and Andrew talk about Owen's hair in bed.

  10. Andrew has bought 36 chemist goods from Boots. They are on 3 for 2. Ben explains that this is because they are extra small size.

  11. Andrew doesn't think that should go in the minutes. We therefore vote that the word 'that' should not be mentioned in the minutes from now on F:3, A:0, Ab:2 - carried

  12. Unfortunately due to the above motion this minute has had to be removed.

  13. Spotterspotting. Could you spot yourself immediately making you a spotter to be spotted and thus qualifying you as a Spotterspotter.

  14. Ian Duncan-Hague

  15. We discuss pooh levies. Rosie wants to make a kettle boil by jumping into it from a great height. Ben calculates how high she would have to jump from and provides the diagram attached.
  16. Ben's Diagram

  17. Votes to censure Ben for losing the plot. F:2, A:2, Ab: 1 - CR decides against - motion failed.

  18. Votes to censure the waiter for suggesting coffee in a Poohsoc meeting. F: 2, A: 1, Ab: 2 carried.

  19. Jenny suggests the society should get Owen to dress up like a picture she saw in the Guardian. Owen gets incredibly worried as Jenny discribes it.

  20. Andrew - "Would I not do for the gay ones?"
    Waiter - "I'm sorry sir?"

  21. Rosie, Jenny & Andrew start reading magazines. We vote to censure them for reading non pooh related material during a meeting - F: 1, A: 0, Ab: 1, Reading: 3 - carried

  22. We leave the restaurant and then go to Oxfam where Jenny buys Christmas decorations IN SEPTEMBER!!!

  23. After that we resort to visiting a local public house where we vote to close. F: 2, A: 0, Ab: 1, Investigating the pool table: 2 - carried

  24. Although the meeting was closed it seems only right to note here Rosie's amazement at finding a tractor showroom and Jenny's disappointment that they didn't have a combine harvester.

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