Minutes of the Extraordinary Elevenses Meeting, 10/7/99

Held in R4, Pembroke College.
Present: Jon, Kirsten, Benedict, Jeremy, Gina.
Apologies: Micheal, Ben, Richard.
Guests: Dave 'Catbells' Hinton.

  1. As the meeting opens, conversation circles around lunch, meat or tuna, shopping, and a smiling baby.

  2. Jeremy denies making strange noises.

  3. The reading, moved to the beginning of the meeting in accordance with the Constitution, is: "In Which Eeyore Loses a Tail and Pooh Finds One,": Gina plays Wol, Jeremy plays Piglet (who is not in fact in the story), and Dave narrates.

  4. It is alleged that the cakes Gina has brought have beetles on, but in order to disprove this we eat them.

  5. Dave cracks a 'royal male' pun, the full details of which will be concealed from the readers of the future.

  6. It is suggested that the Queen 'do Piglet' in meetings, but we doubt that she could equal Ben's inspired standard of performance.

  7. Jon reads the minutes of last week including explaining the boring constitutional bits, which given that of the very small section of the membership present one wrote the Constitution, one is less than a quarter of a year old and the other two not very interested, could be said to be redundant.

  8. Vote to allow the visitors to vote: F., 3, Ag., 0, Abs., 2; carried. Dave is overjoyed.

  9. The question of 'Uncle Granny' is addressed, and we decide that Poohsoc defies gender.

  10. We debate the Under-James-ship, and decide: not yet.

  11. Gina is building her fifth computer: the conversation descends BRiefly into geek-talk. This leads us onto viruses and from there, Chris Timms, proof that there is escape from such a conversational spiral.

  12. Gina is also amassing dead cows. The word 'rendering' enters the conversation and hangs about looking unhygienic.

  13. Apparently Gina's cat BRought a Volvo - what? Oh, a vole home. I'm sorry, I misheard.

  14. People are asked for suggestions for Jon's and Kirsten's anniversary. Nothing even remotely rude is suggested, proof that Poohsoc has gone home.

  15. We say 'beer' in honour of Dave Henderson, whose machine BRings his presence into the meeting: he has been mentioned several times.

  16. We read "The Dormouse and the Doctor", and vote to close. Next week's meeting will be in R4 as well. Vote: F., 3, Ag., 0, Abs., 2; carried.

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