Minutes of the Extraordinary Elevenses Meeting, 04/09/99

Held in: Room 1, 27 Bateman Street (chez Yasmin)
Present: Yasmin, Granny, Jeremy, Jon, Becky, Brian, Claire
Apologies: Ben, Kirsten, Rob, Benedict, Chris
Guests: Claire's Mum, Mikey Mike Mike.

  1. Yasmin's new room is nice. She uses it to provide us with multiple teas and we discuss removing her teeth.

  2. The possibility of Kirsten becoming Caroline Adams's second-in-command is discussed: we are unable to decide if this would raise the efficiency of the College or not, and what with Caroline Pitt about the place we already have one Procter look-alike anyway.

  3. Jeremy reports on his tray-dropping horror story. We suspect that Sainsbury's are engaged in economic counter-espionage against him as part of the war which we had nearly forgotten we were waging against them.

  4. Jon says that we cannot expect Brian. Proving this, he arrives within thirty seconds, with Becky who castigates us for being inside. He and Becky form a splinter group outside on the casement wall: splitters!

  5. Yasmin's name is Michael Caine.

  6. Jon and Yasmin discuss hi-fi and it is discovered that their definitions of 'cheap' vary slightly.

  7. The Reading is: "In Which Piglet Meets a Heffalump." Jeremy plays Piglet and Claire plays the Heffalump. We eavesdrop on Brian's conversation with Becky first though.

  8. Yasmin demonstrates her flexibility by assuming the Lotus position until the males present request her to stop because of their eyes watering.

  9. We prepare to read at last, since Claire has now arrived with a Mother. Brian inspects under Yasmin's bed and Yasmin makes more tea, but after fifteen minutes we are ready to proceed, during which interval Granny parodies NatScis for our amusement and delectation.

  10. Yasmin's clothes are noted to have something of the washed-at-too-high-a-temperature about them. This is apparently no coincidence.

  11. Granny finds himself doing the actions pre-emptively. Since we do not believe Granny to be a clairvoyant (at least, not specially: we can all see Claire, after all - I'll just get my coat shall I?), we forgive him this lapse.

  12. Jeremy's rendition of a scared Piglet provokes "Awwwww"s from all the company. Yasmin and Jon suddenly start putting more into their acting.

  13. Mike turns up for the last words.

  14. Brian attempts to sonically attack Jon using Flanders and Swann and his headphones.

  15. Becky runs off.

  16. Granny reads the minutes of last meeting: it is noted that it was officially held in R10, not R5 as The Minister Without... Female Development noted.

  17. We locate further victims for the Two Fish and Two Parrots jokes.

  18. Yasmin is startled by a suddenly bouncy Jeremy.

  19. Vote to censure Jon: F., 3, Ag., 1, Abs., 2; carried.

  20. Vote that visitors may vote: F., 3, Ag, 1, Abs., 2; carried.

  21. Brian's leg is outrageous. Especially compared to Yasmin's.

  22. Vote to censure Granny for metrical pedantry: F., 3, Ag., 1, Abs., 3; carried.

  23. Matters arising: Jon declares that it seems that with suitable computery skulduggery he could continue to operate as Secretary for some time longer than he had previously thought: he therefore invites the opinion of the membership as to what he should do. We decide that since there is thus no urgency to replace him, we should leave the matter till term-time when discussion of elections would be more useful.

  24. Brian asks Granny about Flying Scotsman tickets and we censure him for "Erh, trayuns,"TM(: F., 3, Ag., 2, Abs., 3; carried.

  25. Ladders go in and out of the house, which Yasmin and Claire report is full of underclad bathing people. They are scandalised, we are amused.

  26. Brian apparently has a wadrobe (sic). He waits for some time to startle Claire with a loud sort of cough.

  27. Claire is apparently declining the challenge left her in graffiti by the previous occupant of her room. Jon decries this as a cop-out. Claire's mother regards him disapprovingly.

  28. Next week's meeting will be in Room 2 [9 really], 10 Fitzwilliam Street., or the kitchen if we won't all fit. Yasmin apologises, Claire apologises for two weeks, and we note that her birthday is on the 18th; Granny's is the day before, when he will be 22, and Emily's is on the 24th. So there.

  29. Vote to close: F., 4, Ag., 3, Abs., 1; the last vote for is nearly missed and we are on the point of seeking a visitor when someone realises they haven't voted. Lucky for Yasmin, else she would have had to let us loose on her neighbours. She seems rather regretful that she couldn't, but we depart anyway.

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