All motions passed during these three meetings were overturned by committee veto in the meeting on Saturday 11th October. Motions marked "Contested" indicate that the veto on those motions is contested by Neil Roques.

Minutes of the Meetings of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Held on 7th October 2003 at the Freshers Fair

Number 1

Present: Rosy, Katie, Jack, Neil.

Apologies: None

  1. Meeting opened.

  2. Vote to change the name of the Society to the Pembroke College Jesus College Winnie-the-Pooh Society: Passed.

  3. Rosy mutters about vetoes, but realises that this will have to await the next meeting.

  4. Katie reads "Mirror".

  5. Votes to close: Failed

  6. A note which appears to say: Votes to censure the pullover: Failed.

  7. People are signing up!

  8. Votes to close: Hung. Visitor decides for.
Number 2

Present: Rosy, Katie, Jack, Neil, a Visitor

Apologies: None

  1. Meeting opened.

  2. Katie pays her Pooh Levy to Neil.

  3. Rosy realises that as the Society name is defined in the constitution we can’t have changed it in the last meeting, as we didn’t suspend the constitution. Neil seeks to try again, but is prevented just in time from invoking Clause LV (here a pause to explain some of the above to anyone who’s interested and probably some who aren’t.)

  4. Votes to close: Hung

  5. Votes to strangle Neil for preventing us from closing the meeting: Passed

  6. Votes also to censure him: Passed

  7. We should close meetings more often: Passed.

  8. Votes to close: Passed.
Number 3

Present: Rosy, Katie, Jack, Neil, Gordon

Apologies: None

  1. Meeting opened.

  2. By Neil, whose retreating form is seen disappearing down the stairs. Rosy and Katie will therefore keep the meeting and bring it back in the morning.

  3. Sometime later... ...wavefunctions of non-quorate, 3-person meetings.

Minutes of Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Meeting Held on the 8th and 22nd of October, and sometime in November, 2003
Continuation of (3) above.

Present: Neil, Jack, Rachel C, Rosy, several bisuits (and later John-h, Dunstan, various freshers and sundry mathmos.)

Apologies: None

Held in: k1, Fenner's Hall, Kelsey Kerridge, various locations around Cambridge, Room 15, 4a Bridge Street, and cyberspace.

(Apparently there was a meting in progress already, possibly from the previous day. Hopefully that most beautious lady has the previous minutes by now.)

    n+1. Votes that anyone Reading Roo or Kanga must bounce up and down while reading (F:2 A:1 Ab:1) Contested

    n+2. The EGM shall take place on 22/10/03 in the fresher's fair. (F:2 A:1 Ab:1)

    n+3. It is 22/10/03. (F:2 A:1 Ab:1)

    n+4. This is the EGM (F:3 A:0 Ab:1)

    n+5. For the duration of this meeting the James need not abstain, invoking such clauses of the constitution as necessary may not be censured for failing to abstain. (F:3 A:0 Ab:1)

    n+6. In all future meetings the President shall have to wear a silly pink hat (whether present or not). (F:3 A:0 Ab:1) Contested

    n+7. Censure Owen for not wearing a silly pink hat, assuming he isn't. (F:3 A:0 Ab:1) Contested

    n+9. Jack is proposed for the position of tthe Jack (Jack: 2 RON: 0 Ab: 1)

    n+10: Neil pays his membership.

    n+11. This is the first meeting of November: (F:2 A:1 Ab:1)
    (NB: We believe a large number of memberships expired at this point in the meeting.)

    n+12. Rachel C. pays her membership.

    n+13. "n+8" was not proposed and voted on earlier in the meeting as it presently (ie. at the time of writing, but no longer) appears, but now. (F:3 A:0 Ab:1) Contested

    n+8. There shall be a position called the Jack, whom (who?) for all purposes of quorum and sufficient votes for invoking constitutional motions, if the vote for be the majority, shall count as ??people (F:3 A:0 Ab:1)

    n+14. For all comittee vetos voted apon at any time, for motions passed in this meeting, Neil Roques is considered to have 3x10^8 votes.

    n+15. The Lady Foundress - Helen Lloyd née Masters is henceforth renamed to "Margaret" (F:3 A:0 Ab:1)

    n+16. The person to the right of any person holding a character post shall read that character's lines (F:3 A:0 Ab:1)

    n+17. Every third meeting after this one, every other word of Harry Potter shall have been written by A. A. Milne (F:3 A:0 Ab:1) Contested

    n+18. I've got a good one. (F:3 A:0 Ab:1 Ooer Eor: 1)

    n+19. Henceforth Rosy shall be referred to as 'that most beautious lady.' (F:3 A:1 Ab:0)

    n+20. Votes to censure the freshers for not calling that most beautious lady by her proper name. (F:3 A:1 Ab:0)

    n+21. If Jack were committee he'd be a meeting all on his own, but he couldn't second anything. (F:3 A:0 Ab:1)

    n+22. Motions passed in the future have power over the present as if they had been passed in the past. (F:3 A:0 Ab:1)

    n+23. Neil reads "The Old Sailor"

    n+24. We think through the motions and conclude that they are the minutes of the last meeting, so we read them.

    n+25. In so far as one word could be considered a bit or a porky, "slight" is it (F:3 A:0 Ab:1) (As in, 'slightly silly')

    n+26. You're sitting next to the role-playing society; if you try hard enough you can persuade them to second anything. (F:3 A:0 Ab:1) Contested

    n+27. Biscuits within the precincts of Great Saint Mary's are members of the university (F:3 A:0 Ab:1) Contested

    n+28. Neil and Rachel C. leave Fenner's Hall.

    n+29. 3rd biscuit joins PoohSoc, with £2 lent by, and paid to, Jack.

    n+30. Biscuit to become honorary member (F:1 A:0 Ab:2)

    n+31. Rosy leaves Fenner's Hall with skeleton.

    n+32. Jack: Can you do anything for the society other than nod when asked if you second motions?
    Biscuit: Bite me.

    n+33. Being digested is an acceptable way to second a motion. (F:1 A:0 Ab:1)

    n+34. John-h arrives, Rosy arrives, Jack leaves, John-h leaves, Dunstan arrives, Jack arrives, Fenner's Hall containing Dunstan leaves, the Centre for Mathematical Sciences, a large number of mathmos, and a large amount of free wine arrive, and depart (with the exception of a large part of the large amount of free wine) and Room 15, 4a Bridge Street arrives.

    n+35. As discussed previously, all references to 'The Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society' in the constitution or minutes shall be changed to read The Jesus College 'The Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society.' (F:1 A:0 Ab:1)

    n+36. Except those directly preceded by 'The Jesus College.' (F:1 A:0 Ab:1)

    n+37. Tim arrives via ICQ. Allow guests to vote (F:1 A:0 Ab:1)

    n+38. In every sixth meeting after this oneall members shall wear pyjamas and drink cocoa instead of tea. A passage of the most recent of A. A. Milne's works shall be read (cf. n+17). (F:1 A:0 Ab:2)

    n+39. In every fourth meeting after this one 'bing' shall be pronounced 'the moose is loose.' (F:1 A:0 Ab:2)

    n+40. All rumours Tim has heard are true, especially the ones about orgies (F:1 A:1 Ab:1)

    n+41. The stars have aligned and Cthulhu, the Great Old One, shall not re-arise from R'lyeh beneath the waves and squamously and squidily assume his rightful dominion o'er the Earth, devouring 1d10 people per round until the earth is bare. (cf. CU Worshippers of Cthulhu) (F:2 A:0 Ab:1)

    n+42. The word 'not' shall be inserted in the previous minute. (F:2 A:0 Ab:1)

    n+43. I love Owen because he makes PoohSoc happen. (F:1 A:0 Ab:2)

    n+44. I love Neil because he amends the constitution as crazily as I do. (F:1 A:0 Ab:2)

    n+45. I love Katy because she's beautiful. (F:1 A:0 Ab:2) Contested

    n+46. I love Jameses because they find innuendo where no-one else can, despite considerable competition. (F:1 A:0 Ab:2)

    n+47. This is silly. This meeting never happened, and all motions are revoked, and it's the 8th of October. (F:1 A:0 Ab:2)

    n+48. And no motions shall henceforth change the time, date, or place of a meeting, identity of a person, meaning of common words used in the constitution, or define anything other than human to be a member of the university. (F:1 A:0 Ab:2) Contested

    n+49. On second thoughts, all non-constitution changing, non-time altering motions shall be kept after all. And n+47 onward. (F:1 A:0 Ab:2)

    n+50. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    n+51. The Squash arrives at the meeting. Votes to close: Passed.

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