Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Elevenses Meeting, held on the 8th November 2003 in Peile 304, Newnham

Present: Naath, Chess, Owen, Jonathan, Jack, Rosy, Dunstan, Ben, John-h, Alison, Rachel C, Tom

Apologies: Katie, Rachel H, Roz

  1. Meeting opened.

  2. Means of paying for College food are discussed.

  3. This is a capitalist society... No it isnít.

  4. Surely if this were a truly capitalist society the Pooh Levy paid would depend on how much you really, really, really want to be a member.

  5. There are things which are more important than rubber-band Gatling guns. Passed.

  6. At this point Dunstan, Ben, John-h and Alison arrive and the following is reported:

    Dunstan, on Alison greeting him, Ben and John-h as gentlemen: "You malign us, we are three youthful maidens."

  7. Ben proposes himself for honorary membership. This blatant attempt to escape paying his Pooh Levy is justly ignored by the members present so...

  8. Ben pays his Pooh Levy.

  9. Dunstan hands over his Pooh Levy, having, of course, paid it to himself two weeks ago.

  10. Ben is a big girl (see 6.)

  11. Votes to censure November for coming too soon. Passed.

  12. Votes to censure them for putting the minutes in context. Failed.

  13. Martinís not a person. Passed.

  14. Minutes are read by Owen, Rachel C and Alison.

  15. Every two minutes you shout seconded.

  16. Votes to make Tom go and stand in the corner. Passed.

  17. Votes to let visitors vote. Hung, visitor decides for.

  18. Votes to mandate Naath to make Tom go and stand in a corner. Passed.

  19. Ben likes Dunstanís head.

  20. Votes to write to Foxes and tell them they may not change the name of their biscuits. Passed.

  21. Biscuit hustings: Ginger biscuits (dunk test 11)

  22. Itís all fine and no-oneís going to eat us. Passed.

  23. You have to be very, very careful with the Spanish Inquisition. Passed.

  24. Foxes Crunch Creams (dunk test 7)

  25. Multiply the results by i. Or possibly by imaginary pi. Passed.

  26. Reading: Chapter V of the New Testament "In which Rabbit has a Busy Day and we find out what Christopher Robin does in the Mornings."

  27. Rabbit IS Alistair Campbell, isnít he.

  28. Biscuit Vote: Crunch Creams win 6:5.

  29. John-h hands over his Pooh Levy.

  30. Another long assassins discussion, including:

    "You could just put an axe on their doorhandle.

  31. Votes to censure all the assassins present for non-Pooh-related material. Passed.

  32. Just give him £2. Hung. (The hung vote was never broken but Tom did, eventually give Neil £2)

  33. Votes to censure Ecstatic for being static. Passed.

  34. Comparisons are drawn between.... suggestions are invited, as I failed to record any of the salient facts. Ed.

  35. For the rest of the meeting Ben is to be called "The EGM". Passed.

  36. Votes to censure Owen for not calling the EGM The EGM. Passed.

  37. The following conversation is recorded:

    Tom: I had a conversation with someone called Cath. It might have been embarrassing but I canít remember, I was drunk.

    Chess: How do you know it was just a conversation?

    Tom: Well... she was in France

  38. .
  39. I think France is somehow worse. Failed.

  40. You have the spirit of PoohSoc! Give it back, damn you!

  41. Votes to mandate Jonathan to write the PoohSoc alternative guide to the colleges: Failed.

  42. The Prime Minister has to resign. Passed.

  43. Votes to mandate Owen to make him resign.

  44. Ben The EGM is a pervy hobbit fancier and a pervy elf fancier... (by his own admission) and Winnie-the-Pooh, infact (according to Owen).

  45. The EGM will be held in the Inner Parlour at Pembroke 4pm 15th October. Itís not clear by whom but we may wish to consider relocating our General Meeting.

  46. The conversation again descends into Fantasy and Role Play discussions.

  47. Votes to censure them for non-Pooh related material. Passed.

  48. We need to censure Neil. Passed.

  49. Votes to censure Jonathan. Passed.

  50. Votes to censure Neil for sneaky misdirection. Failed.

  51. We should have a meeting at which it is illegal to censure Neil to see if we can think of any other motions. Passed.

  52. We should have Peace and Goodwill amongst men. Passed.

  53. Votes to censure Tom for calling PoohSoc CULES. Passed.

  54. Mathmos being mathmos. Passed.

  55. We should have a massive PoohSoc twister game at Formal Room 1. Passed.

  56. Votes to close. Passed.

  57. Meeting reopened to allow:

    Votes to censure them for non-Pooh-related material. Passed

  58. Votes to close.

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