Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society held on the 19/11/03 in the Great Hall, Jesus College

Present: Naath, Jack, Owen, Rachel C, Rosie, Dunstan, Chess, Tom, Alison, Edith, Nick,

Visitors: Numerous Spanish Inquisition members

  1. Meeting opened.

  2. Henceforth.

  3. Votes to censure Neil: Passed

  4. Weíre visitors rather than visitors.

  5. There is a conspiracy against Jack [later events would prove this to be true...]

  6. Too many Mathmos!: Passed

  7. Chicken is served.

  8. Can a penny circulate the table by going backwards? Apparently so.

  9. Nick pays his pooh levy without any money changing hands. We now own him.

  10. A motion was somethinged (noise level prevented your dauntless minuter from hearing exactly what and how, but it was definitely there).

  11. Edith censored for being a sarcastic bugger.

  12. Spying on the societyís behalf it is overheard that the Spanish Inquisition thinks we are boring, as we donít believe in pennying. As a result we think we should be tied to railway tracks.

  13. Vegetarian curry or other sustainable items are served, thus saving Owen from consuming his place mat instead.

  14. The conversation proceeds to continue directly over Rachelís head, whose brain gets very confused over large numbers and complex concepts.

  15. Plight of a poor cheese board on which Cambridge people descended

  16. Edith is talking Pooh, but we cannot tell if heís official as Chess, Tom and Naath are talking about cous cous. [Apparently it was CUCAS, but we know better...]
  17. "I have a hair obsession, but that doesnít mean I have nice hair." Naath [I think she has nice hair if thatís any consolation]

  18. Votes to censure `them' for talking about non-Pooh related material: Passed

  19. Is the mocha cake a cake? It has sponge, it has cream, but it also has biscuit. And is a towering arrangement.Hmmm...

  20. We could build a house out of it, but unfortunately no one wants to donate their cake to this plan.

  21. Coffee.

  22. And tea! Jesus College has heard we were coming obviously.

  23. We made the fingering someone joke.

  24. "Iím a bad girl. Punish me" Naath

  25. "Iím not a member of that society. What do you take me for, some sort of two-timing something or other?" Jack.

  26. "Iíve never slept with Matthew" Tom.

  27. Naathís and Tomís conversation is definitely X-rated. Donít ask. I certainly didnít.

  28. Knight to queen 4: Passed

  29. Votes to censure Nick and Edith for talking about non-Pooh related material: Passed - Twice.

  30. The Spanish Inquisition makes a speech. Apparently weíre not as good as them, though itís there 365th Formal Hall. (But we know otherwise...)

  31. A toast to Tim-Tom, the absent President of the Spanish Inquisition, is proposed

  32. The Loyal Toast is made.

  33. A toast to "stuff" is made

  34. Honey is better than Spam: Passed.

  35. Votes to censure ourselves for talking about non-Pooh related material, and even worse, Spanish Inquisition material: Passed

  36. Happy Birthday Roger! It is sung 4 times, though he only asked for it once.

  37. We sing Cottleston Pie.

  38. The Drunken Philosopherís Song is sung.

  39. The Spam Song is sung

  40. We know their words better than they do.

  41. We won!: Passed (this of course has nothing to do with the fact that visitors canít vote)

  42. Votes to censure "them" for Pythoning: Passed

  43. The Spanish Inquisition, in an effort to regain face, proposes a motion by themselves; to the bar. It is passed, but we still won.

  44. The general cry of "To the Bar!" Echoes around the walls

  45. A long pause. Abstained. (Jack tormenting the poor minuter by making her minute whilst writing).

  46. Jack is being unnecessarily evil.

  47. Itís a BA gown, it looks silly: Passed

  48. Votes to censure people for non-Pooh Soc material: Passed.

  49. X is an allegory of Winnie-the-Pooh: Passed.

  50. Pooh Soc needs an underfloor carriage mounted flame thrower

  51. We appear to have lost the entirety of the Spanish Inquisition

  52. We have annihilated the Spanish Inquisition: Passed

  53. WAL RUS: Passed

  54. When youíre writing the minutes, you can write what you like. Jack is scared.

  55. Jack is wearing a tutu and dancing the Dance of the SugarPlum fairy on the bar: Passed

  56. The minuter has a personal vendetta against Jack.

  57. Voteís to mandate Edith to sit on Jackís lap: Passed.

  58. Nickís bunches flap up and down in a vain attempt to make him fly.

  59. "I refused to be embarrassed by dodgy photos" (One of Edith or Nick, I cannot be sure as my hand at this point was dropping off in an effort to catch up)

  60. Votes to mandate Edith to put the photo on "that page": Passed

  61. Votes to censure everyone who voted "for" in that minute as it is non-Pooh related: Passed.

  62. Votes to make "that page" mention Winnie-the-Pooh: Passed

  63. If in doubt, confuse people: Passed.

  64. "Donít confuse me, I know what youíre up to" Nick

  65. Jon-h is apparently "little and cute" according to a random person.

  66. The minuter is shocked, disgusted and will not write whatís just been said. So there. (Bearing in mind the identity of the minuter, this is quite an event really)

  67. They didnít expect us not to be the Spanish Inquisition: Passed

  68. They expected the Spanish Inquisition

  69. Edith takes advantage of his position as Winnie-the-Pooh to sit on Nickís lap. And kisses him to prove Nick cannot claim he is unkissable.

  70. Moving swiftly on...

  71. Votes to censure Nick for lowering the tone: Passed

  72. The screen goes up. We "oo" and "ah" accordingly.

  73. We should take a samovar to lectures.

  74. Hug. Pass it on. We all feel better for it.

  75. Donít. Just donít: Passed

  76. Nobody dares say anything any more: Passed and vetoed.

  77. Tea at M5a, Second Court: Passed

  78. Votes to censure "those lot" because thatís just wrong: Passed.

  79. They might fit in the box if we cut them up: Passed

  80. Rosie should name her milk Barbara

  81. Sugarís not wrong, itís a matter of personal taste.

  82. "Would you object to beer with milk?" Rosie
    "Oh, whateverís normal. Go on then." Alison

  83. Thatís Jack: Failed.

  84. The versatility of the big stick

  85. Vote to condole all the toilets who were engaged but never got married: Passed

  86. Votes to congratulate the toilets who were engaged but never got married: Failed

  87. Votes to congratulate the 1 in 3 toilets who avoided getting divorced by never getting married: Passed

  88. Votes to censure Naath and Tom: Passed

  89. Votes to censure Nick and Chess: Passed

  90. Votes to censure Rachel, Alison and Jack: Failed

  91. Votes to censure Dunstan and Edith: Failed

  92. Votes to censure Owen and Rosie: Failed

  93. "Two quaffing incidents in one night." Nick

  94. Votes to censure "them" for fluid dynamics: Passed

  95. Votes to censure fluid dynamics people all the time because they deserve it: Passed.

  96. Nick, we really donít want to hear about your fluids: Passed

  97. We could just censure the physicists for a bit instead: Passed

  98. Votes to censure the physicists for a bit instead: Passed

  99. Votes to censure Neil: Passed

  100. Votes to censure Edith for being very, very slow: Failed.

  101. Votes to censure people for using degrees rather than radians: Passed.

  102. [spiralling conversation]

  103. Lets change the subject: passed

  104. Votes to censure people for talking about non-Pooh related material: Passed

  105. Iím votes at random: passed

  106. Votes to throw rocks at the geologists: passed

  107. Votes to mandate Edith to hug Rosy: passed

  108. Votes to perform electrolysis on Edith: failed

  109. Rosy is being a bit reasonable: hung

  110. Votes to censure them for doing goodness only knows what on Rosyís bed: passed

  111. Everything has been Naathís fault since...: passed

  112. Votes to close: passed

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