Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society, held on the 29th November 2003 in 1 Library Court IV, Jesus College

Present: Alison, Dunstan, Jonathon, Katie, Matthew, Michelle, Neil, Rachel C, Rachel H, Rosy, Seth, Tom

Apologies: Jack, John-h, Owen, Roz

  1. Neil opens the meeting.

  2. Votes to let visitors vote: passed

  3. Something with the voice of Rachel C arrives. We try to figure out where the figure with the orange hat with the pink blue spangly flower on, a blackened face and pink dalmatian leggings can have come from.

  4. The committee present debate whether there have been motions against Neil having the minutes.

  5. Neil might introduce motions into the minutes that were never actually proposed or seconded in the meeting: failed

  6. Censure for people talking about non-pooh related material: passed

  7. The Round Society offered discounts to assassins and roleplayers because they needed help with social interaction.

  8. Matthew asks to have a flightless bird thrown at him. Michelle to co-operate.

  9. Rachel H produces a picture of the internal structure of a Jaffa Cake.

  10. The minutes say `Michelle’ and we worry about talking paper.

  11. Votes not to rip Naath’s vocal chords out: passed

  12. Oh dear: passed

  13. Rachel C reads out the letter to the council about pubs being converted into teashops.

  14. We discover that Rachel passes very strangely.

  15. cf NPRM: passed

  16. Rachel should be taking the minutes: passed

  17. Votes to censure them for conspiracy: failed

  18. It is a fn of the Secretary to conspire.

  19. Martin is the Judiciary.

  20. We should read the minutes.

  21. Vote to invoke clause 96 and then to find out what it is: failed

  22. Motion to find out what it is, anyway: passed

  23. No, you have to sit there and look at her all meeting: failed

  24. The minutes of last week’s meeting are read by Rachel C and Michelle

  25. Votes to remove the line from through Dunstan’s name on the pages of the website that give details of character and committee posts: passed

  26. Alison mistook Rachel C in her crazy get up for Rosy.

  27. The cup of impropriety holds coffee of negotiable affection: passed

  28. Votes to censure Matthew: passed

  29. Despite it being a sociable meeting and Matthew not playing, we are all dead.

  30. Alison tries to reconstruct the history of the guy she spent the previous night with but is unable to recall the details.

  31. Random stuff

  32. Votes to commend Matthew: failed

  33. Votes to make Matthew do The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy in a pink tutu on Jesus College bar: passed

  34. Motion to install anti-aircraft guns: passed

  35. It could be stretching it to call it nasty: passed

  36. Votes that Matthew not be allowed to attend the next meeting: hung

  37. Neil is an `emmanuensis’, being from Emmanuel: passed

  38. Mathematicians are fluffy: failed

  39. Motion that the appropriate member of the committee be mandated to write to Jesus College and request that neon strips be put on the staircase designators: failed

  40. Except when she is dressed like that, she is not that scary: passed

  41. That is dire: passed

  42. Motion to censure the author of the Penguin jokes: passed

  43. `:passed

  44. Motion to make it a poohstickable offence to fire a water related weapon at a member of the society: passed

  45. Votes to censure Neil for...: passed

  46. Mair husts for Boasters, claiming we should eat them, enjoy them, and vote for them; in that order.

  47. Motion to - what’s that word? - censure Weil: passed

  48. Motion to censure Neil for something else: passed

  49. This minute is a perfect square

  50. The James motion: failed

  51. Votes to censure the Neil for failing to receive all the censurings directed at Neil: failed

  52. Votes to censure the secretaries for failing to take charge of the minutes, despite there being three of them: failed

  53. It is observed that both the secretary and the under-secretary are dyslexic. Has the society, perhaps, been overdoing the positive discrimination?

  54. Your so evil: passed

  55. Motion to censure Matthew for threatening a member of the society: passed

  56. You’re the Jess so surely Postman Pan has all the power: passed

  57. Rachel C is elected as Kanga

  58. Neil is elected as Rabbit

  59. When ever anyone says open the box, they must mean the one where Neil keeps his remaining sanity: passed

  60. Votes to censure Neil.

  61. Next week’s meeting is provisionally to be held in the house known as Oblivion.

  62. Votes to close: passed

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