Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society, held on the 6th December 2003 in Room 15, 4a Bridge Street Cambridge

Present: Jack, Katie, Rachel H, Naath, Owen, Matthew, Alison, Tom, Edith, Neil

Apologies: Dunstan, Rosy, Roz, Brussels Sprouts, Martin, Edith

  1. Meeting Opened

  2. The sprouts are too busy on the market to come, but they have apologised. Instead we have Christmas cake!

  3. Votes to commend Owen for his Christmas Cake: Passed

  4. Jack's heroic effort to abstain is unfortunately futile, as no motion has been passed.

  5. Jack has a silly-sized room.

  6. It works when it works.

  7. He did use a double negative: Passed.

  8. Voted to censure Neil for not apologising: Passed

  9. Tom got in... through the door.

  10. It's rather unfair of Rachel to be eating John-h: Passed

  11. If we eat Alison's Turkish Delight, we'll have to go with our siblings to her house: Passed.

  12. There's only just one bad Tom: Hung.

  13. The problems with trains are discussed.

  14. Christmas Cake is consumed. And enjoyed.

  15. It's exactly the right type of icing: Passed

  16. Votes to commend [not council] Owen for the deliciousness of the cake.

  17. Matthew has the amazing unhuggable power.

  18. Katie husts for Clementines.

  19. Neil talks about munchkin slash.

  20. Votes to censure anyone talking about non-Pooh related [well, it looks like "rats" but I don't remember anyone mentioning rats. So it probably says "stuff" or "things" or something]: Passed

  21. You need to get our more: Passed

  22. We should make up the minutes of last week: Failed

  23. Minutes rescued from Neil just in the nick of time.

  24. Mass exodus of women into Jack's shower.

  25. [Not a clue. Possibly, " 'I could get/let/tell it with my bare hands if/is necessary/needed' - Jack"]

  26. We should have a full-sized cardboard cut-out of the Queen: Failed

  27. "Mmm mm mm mmm mmmmmmmm!": Passed

  28. Votes to censure them for non-Poohsoc material: Passed

  29. We propose we should have a vote to decide whether we '

  30. The minuter's brain explodes. Quietly.

  31. Neil takes over the minutes to create more confusion sort out the confusion.

  32. Votes to have a vote on whether to have a vote on whether it's the 2nth (where n belongs to the natural numbers) words of Harry Potter or the (2n-1)th which are by A. A. Milne: Passed

  33. A spurious motion: Abstained

  34. Votes to vote on whether it's the 2nth (where n belongs to the natural numbers) words of Harry Potter or the (2n-1)th which are by A. A. Milne: Abstained.

  35. Abstained: Failed

  36. If we only seconded sensible motions, where would we be?: Abstained

  37. It's Harry: Passed

  38. Votes to censure Alison for everything: Passed

  39. You could make an argument that A. A. Milne/J. K. Rowling are at fault: Hung

  40. Votes to censure Jack for casting aspersions or dispersions on A. A. Milne: Passed

  41. Votes to censure Jack for not abstaining: Passed

  42. Votes to disperse over J. K. Rowling: Passed

  43. "Harry" is read by Neil.

  44. Rachel is something [It was actually "Rachel offered me her floor to sleep on if college chucked me out of my room," Ed.].

  45. We read "In which a house is built at Pooh Corner for Eeyore."

  46. Rachel C and Alison and Rachel H leave.

  47. Edith's leg has died.

  48. He could call it a report but that implies he did something.

  49. Mathmo essays.

  50. The importance (or otherwise) of maths in the National Curriculum.

  51. "The error is greater than the answer" is the mathmo's way of saying "I don't know."

  52. Nomic society constitution and possibilities thereof.

  53. Votes to take vanilla nomic and give it strawberry flavouring: Passed.

  54. Votes to censure them for non-society related material and then trying to crawl out of it: Passed

  55. Shut up: Passed

  56. Votes to censure them for not shutting up: Passed

  57. Votes to censure us for not shutting up: Passed

  58. Votes to mandate Owen to call votes out loud from now on: Passed

  59. It would be fun to make Owen mime everything from here-on-in: Passed

  60. Forget the coffee 'cos it's heretical.

  61. "You look at Tom for a while and then he giggles and tells you what he really wants."

  62. Neil is now the master of time: Failed

  63. Neil leaves.

  64. We could censure Neil again just to be sure: Passed

  65. Votes to censure Neil: passed

  66. "People always think I'm nice and I'm not" - Katie: Passed

  67. Votes to close: Passed

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