FRESHERS['?][Typist's comments in []s]{Belated uploader's comments between {s}} SQUASH 11SES MEETING 9/10/04 HELD IN THE KITCHEN, 62 JESUS LANE

Present: Katie, Rachel H, Rosy, Michelle, Jack
Guests: John Pratt (intermittently), James, Claire, Ed, Alex, Lukshmi, Lucy, Hannah {and at least Richard (not that Richard, a different one) and probably some more people. The kitchen was VERY full.}{And Estelle, Gordon, Rory and someone called Lucy.}
Apologies: Roz, Ben, Owen, Naath

1. Meeting opened
2. Rachel H pays her pooh levy.
3. Rosy pays hers.
4. Rachel does an impression of a tea fountain. Accidentally, but without undue disaster.
5. We wait.
5. James arrives.
6. Why are there so many NatScis? Why, Why??!!? [sic]
7. Dogo [?] at meetings - a Bad and Frightening Thing.
8. Katie delegates tea making to Rosy.
9. Many people arrive.
10. Rosy tries to kill us all by leaving the noven on with nothing in it.
11. Lucy's jumper matches the chair's she's sitting on.
12. Dismembering Rosy.
13. Votes to let visitors vote. Passed.
14. Votes to rescind Rosy's honorary membership in waiting. Passed.
15. A small child giggles past.
16. Jonathan arrives.
17. Eatables are to {for?} eating: help yourselves!!
18. This is DEFINITELY an elevenses meeting. No, really!
19. This clock is a broken clock. Passed.
20. Jack arrives and the meetings {only one set of extant minutes suggests that only one meeting was open.  Apart from the emergency meeting, but I'm not sure who had that then.  In fact, I'm not sure who's got it now, either...}become increasingly incomprehensible. (And some others: Richard and Abigail.)
21. The saga of the Jaffa Cake Round is related.
22. Gordon arrives.
23. Rory arrives.
24. We discuss the 2-for-1 offer in the context of the Russian Revolution.
25. Some minutes attempt to be read.
26. We should pass them around and read one minute each. Passed.
27. Katie attempts to read some random minutes. [GET BACK TO WORK! DO YOU WANT TO FAIL YOUR EXAMS?]
28. Rachel puts the minutes in context.
29. Dave Henderson is mentioned and explained. [The mentioning was explained; I believe Henderson is inexplicable.]
30. Katie puts tabasco in her eye.
31. Votes to declare every meeting that might not otherwise be closed, closed, EXCEPT THIS ONE! Passed. [In retrospect, this is a bad idea, since we had an emergency meeting stored in a cupboard at the CMS in case the whole committee accidently resigned at an AGM and we had no other way of resetuping the society, and we must remember to open another spare.] {Great minds:  vide supra.}
32. So we'll pretend it hasn't happened. Passed.
33. It's quite funny when you have no idea what the motion was. Passed.
34. Jack and Gordon retreat to Gordon's room, to great public acclaim.
35. Neil's trousers arrive.
36. Votes to censure Neil for trying to climb through the window. Passed.
37. Neil arrives.
38. Katie volunteers ' meel free to smell... _spell_ mebadly' [sicish]
39. Estelle arrives and answers to anything beginning with an E but not Ebola.
40. That's Michelle; looks more like a guinea-pig to me. Passed.
41. We make a meal out of some minutes. Katie suggests biscuits instead.
42. Votes that we should fail this motion. Carried.
43. Welcome to Poohsoc - mathematicians are an operating hazard. Hung. Guests for.
44. You could put them out at the bottom of the stairs to trip people. Failed.
45. We ought to have a corner for bags. Passed.
46. Jonathan pays his Pooh levy.
47. You could write a dissertation on the ???? of the Part III maths. Passed.
48. "Don't walk on this anti-aircraft gun." Passed.
49. I propose we call it "Fred" for easier pronunciation. Talked over.
50. Censure Martin for thinking football might be more important than Winnie-the-Pooh. Passed.
51. That is w{r}ong and in violation of the laws of ???? {conservation?} of books in the universe. Neil.
52. We read the introduction.
53. We read the first chapter.
54. Censure Alison for threatening freshers with censuring for obeying the constitution. Passed.
55. Censure Neil because it's traditional. Passed.
56. Rachel volunteers her room so long as she is not still dying. Neil does in case she is.
57. I have this 70 year old piano - it got sent to the committee. Katie.
58. Katie's responsible for organising University Challenge next year. Passed.
60. Estelle has paid her pooh levy.
61. James had paid his Pooh levy.
62. Richard pays his Pooh levy.
63. This is a little... something or other. Passed.
64. It's suggested that Alan the Penguin should be more widely available. [oo-er]
65. Gordon pays his pooh levy. [Jesuans outnumber]
66. Jack proposes Rory for Rosie (in the sense of "the post of the"). Deliberately ignored.
67. We should get an engineer to modify them so they fling people through the wall. Hung, passed and failed in that order.
68. Votes to rename Lukshmi Luxembourg so that we can say there's a small country in poohsoc. Failed.
69. Votes to appoint Lukshmi as Mr Sanders. Passed.
70. It's amazing how tiring sitting at your desk checking the BBC website 9-5 can be. Passed.
71. Maybe I should do a little dance or something. Passed.
72. Yes, Alison, but it's *also* a book.
73. The Oblivion Party minutes are read.
74. Rosy pays her pooh levy.
75. That James is called Jonathan. Failed.
76. Statements are so much funnier when made by someone on a climbing machine. Talked over.
77. Votes to mandate to Jack to setup the treadmill to boil water. Passed.
78. Votes to mandate Jack to operate the treadmill to do so. Passed.
79. It's a geometric point and I can't touch it - it keeps passing through the electron shells . Jack.
80. Votes to close. Carried.

Pooh levies: Rosy. Rachel H. Jonathan. Katie. Estelle. Richard. James. Gordon.