Minutes of the PCWtPS Elevenses meeting held at Room I, IV Library Court, Jesus College, on 16/10/04.

Present: Neil, Katie, Rachel, James
Apologies: Roz
Guests: Ali, Robjn, Ed, Rory, Enam

1. Meeting opened.
2. Robjn's grandparernts accompanied his name from Sweden.
3. James arrives, complaining about the directions.
4. Neil get Mathmo-y about milk, tea, and sugar.
5. James tries a T-shirt on... and decided to buy it.
6. So he pays the treasurer £10.
7. It transpires that he missed archery to come here.
8. Where *is* everybody?
9. Once, when punting, Ali was attacked by a duck.
10. Votes to censure the duck. Passed.
11. Votes to let visitors vote. Passed.
12. Neil reads:
        (a) X-ray microtomography (XμT)
        (b) TABLETS:
        (c) Why we need compaction studies.
        (d) Why we need compaction studies.
13. You can sit on chairs. Passed.
14. We don't usually give mountains paracetemol, but maybe today's a *special* occasion?
15. James is now called Giles.
16. Naath arrives with the [sic] big orange scarf. If you're not careful she'll take the minutes and run away with them.
17. Naath's brought a huge garibaldi biscuit with her.
18. Votes to commend Naath therefore.
19. She's also brought "King's Oatmeal and Havey biscuits." Will the King mind?
20. We read "Χopher Robin is going..." from Chapter X of the New Testament.
21. Dave Henderson is mentioned.
22. Mustard (at least once a term since quite a while ago).
23. Neil, Ed and Rory pay their Pooh Levy.
24. James has forgotten to go home for the weekend. Oops.
25. That's Jack! (arriving through the door, surprisingly).
26. K: And just after "That's Jack", there's minutes!
        J: It's going to be especially funny as my glasses are all fogged up & I can't see anything.
27. "James, James, Morrison, Morrison" is recited.
28. Jack, Naath, Michelle pay their pooh levies.
29. We can call her Naff if she likes. Hung. Visitors against.
30. Dojo's is a wonderful place and we should have a meeting there one day. Passed unanimousishly bar one.
31. Votes to censure Neil for knowing how to count. Passed.
31a. Neil: "I have a course in *how* to count, but we don't *do* it." Jack: "Well, you count up to 1."
32. Votes to let members vote. Passed.
33. I really don't recommend it. Passed.
34. Commend Rachel C. for bringing a pink iced cake. Passed.
35. Katie: "That's Jack." Naath: "It looks more like a Jack."
36. Let's play pass the mug. Failed.
37. Tea is the new coffee in London.
38. A poll. Arts students: some. Science students: many. Undecided: none. I'm not a student any more, thank God!: 3
39. Neil: There are lies, damned lies, and social sciences.
40. Votes to commend Rachel's fresher's flu for leaving. Passed.
41. Votes to censure Rachel's fresher's flu for arriving. Passed.
42. But they're on the web.
        Not linked to poohsoc, thank god.
        What's there? Sex? Violence? Caffeine abuse--
        And maths.
43. Votes to censure the cup. Passed.
44. Votes to censure Neil just for the hell of it. Passed.
45. 1, 2, 3... Wait, who *doesn't want cake? [tumbleweed] 1, 2, 3...
46. I'm nice. Failed.
47. Neil: "John, do you want to position yourself so you can see an *English* copy of the testament?"
48. Failed.
49. Wir lesen Kapital Vier des Neuen Testaments: «Aus welchem hervorgeht dass Tieger nicht auf Bäume Kleffern» 
50. German isn't a very fluffy language. Passed.
50a. Jack: 'Except "liebchen". "Liebchen" is fluffy.'
51. All generalisations are false. Passed.
52. You can just say "Mist" but that's a bit rude.
        So they'd be offended if you "missed the train"?
        Very punctual, the Germans.
53. Censure piglet for writing minutes when he should be reading. Passed.
54. Very complicated, the female mind. Passed.
55. Failed.
56. N: "What's German for 'Jagular'?" All: "Jagular" N: "Or 'Yagular', I suppose."
57. All: "Caaaaaaaaaaaake!"
58. Rachel C., Tom, Lukshmi pay pooh levy.
59. Katie: "Do you want a T-shirt?" Tom: "No." Katie: "Will you buy a T-shirt?"
60. Neil: "I thought it would be boring to do names again in case they're the same."
        Jack: "Anyone may have mutated into a small European country."
        Neil: We could make Jack Andorra! (Passed)
        Jack: Can't you at least make it a MALE-sounding country?
        Neil: Vatican city?
61. Neil is the old Neil. Failed.
62. Closed.
63. Neil: "Seconded! Wait..."
64. Neil's middle names are Martin Seymour.
65. Where are you parked, fluffles?
        I'll get my bike.