Minutes of the PCWtPS Elevenses Meeting held on 23rd October 2004 somewhere (on the top floor) in Clough, Newnham College.

Present: Naath, Tom, Rosy, Alison, Giles, Jon, Andorra, Chess, Edith, Rachel C.
Apologies: Rachel H, Kaite, Neil

1. Dave Henderson is mentioned.
2. Jack drags the minutes kicking and screaming into the 20th century.
3. If Martin takes over the world it's Alison's fault.
4. Jack counts his fingers to tell how to spell the end of October.
5. Naath will be a zombie member.
6. Votes to declare Naath's room the official meeting hall for all societies. (wait for the CU to turn up.)
7. Wow, PhD students do work hard! Ow.
8. Rosy: At some point you're bound to get Tiddly-om-pom-pom out and then you write it down because it sounds good if you're writing about brass bands.
9. Naath: "LARPers" has no D's in it. What's he spelling? Rosy: Badly. Tom: Still only one D.
10. Jon: Am I the only who comfort eats sultanas. All: No. No. Nope. Me too. No.
11. Votes to commend Tom for wearing stripy socks. Passed.
12. I'm going to turn the chair round and knock the table over and break Naath's lamp. Failed.
13. Edith: Are we in the Gregorian calendar or the Julian calendar?
14. Votes to censure the Russian army for turning up late. Passed.
15. Minutes of 16th Oct and X-Ray compaction studies read by Edith and Rachel and Alison respectively.
16. Edith: Can I dip my bread in your goo?
17. EGM is discussed. Can we get a room in Pembroke? Should we formal Selwyn Road? Formal Dojos? Formal Whatnot?
18. The difficulty of obtaining rooms in Pembroke has been dramatically increased by MI6.
19. It's a fragglefur cushion.
20. Naath: That's fwuff!
21. Dave Henderson is mentioned.
22. Edith: I'm James but I'm Edith. Giles: I'm James but I'm Giles.
23. ...was never a Cambridge resident 
24. Votes to not discuss Snut, Jenni, etc. Passed.
25. Votes to censure Rosy for discussing Snut, Jenni, etc. Passed.
26. Votes to censure Jack for previous. Passed
27. Haha i have the minutes! Ooo, its warm.
28. At some point we will have a reading.
29. At some point the cake will approach jonathon
30. Prisoner of Azahban is mentioned. Hurrah.
31. It has sticks in it. Ooer
32. A Pembroke person enters, get him, get him!
33. Jack: deleting minutes 3, 15, 37 and 12.
34. Reading: In which pooh invents a new game...
35. This cake is delicious. Passed.
36. We should be able to censure and commend in one word.
37. Tenacles. Least said...
38. The Game is mentioned. 
39. "James James Morrison Morrison" may only be recited by an indiviual member once during each term. [Although it seems we didn't actually vote on that.]
40. I'd rather engage in the destruction of all that is good and human that engage in country dancing: Rory.
41. Is that collective or the intersectio?
42. We couldn't find anything that didn't sound disturbingly sexual. Passed
43. Votes to close. Passed.