Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Elevenses Meeting held in Magdelene College on All Hallows' Eve's Eve 2004.

Present: Rachel [C]. Naath. Jack. Rachel [H]. Katie. Rosy. Lakshmi. Ellen. Alison.
Apologies: Roz. Owen. James.

1. Meeting opened.
2. Jack: "As Neil said, I declare this meeting of the pembroke-college-winnie-the-pooh-society open. Mwahahaa! and ran away."
3. Votes to close one of the meetings. Passed.
4. Katie: "Tippity tippy tippity tap tap tap tap tippity tap tippity tap."
5. Rosy: "X, Y, Z, Q apologise for next week, where X=Rachel, Y=Katie, Z=Rosy, Q=Rachel."
6. Naath: "Having a baptism? Is that like having a baby?"
7. Katie: "Welcome to the Pembroke College Pouring Boiling Water Over Ourselves Society."
8. Kanga and Roo are hungry so Katie and Rosy hold biscuits just out reach.
9. Katie: "We've got to go into Orange Juice to see if they've got any free trade Oxfam!"
10. Katie: "Do you still have that blue lady? Tea?"
11. Ellen: "It won't pour without pouring."
12. Rachel: "..and they used to do nasty things like ploughing up your doorstop if you didn't pay them and going into cambridge and getting drunk on the profits instead of giving it to their families which the journalists understandably took exception to and called them 'Mollies' because that was a middle english word for transexual or cross-dresser. And that's why they're called Molly Boots."
13. Katie: "A condition of our playing was that we had proper public liabilities insurance. Our playing isn't that bad."
14. Rachel: "Mind the damp patch."
15. Rosy: "There's an asnac in Dave's flat called John who's really quite sociable."
16. Naath: "Jack? Last night, when did I take my shoes off?"
17. Katie: "You spelled me 'Kaite' but you had all the letters there, which is getting better. Thanks."
18. Votes to make Lukshmi the Pembroke College Winnie The Pooh Society Pembroke College Liaison [Person, shurely, ed.]. Passed.
19. The EGM will likely be 20th Nov.
20. Reading: Hephalumps II [Chap. III, NT]
21. John: "If they're anything like elephants they're scared of pigs. They used to put cages of pigs on their flanks for protection."
22. Votes to commend Rachel C. for her breathless performance as Piglet. Passed.
23. There's a (non-Shiela) Harry Potter society. We'll declare war on them! Hung.
24. Next week: Ellen, G5 Ridley Hall
25. We should have some then. Hung.
26. Censure Rachel's tea-pot for being badly behaved. Passed.
27. Commend Alison for cake. Passed.
28. Jon: "Are you a Jesus person? There's a wanted criminal on your staircase. It's the unpronouncable one."
29. Commend Estelle for remembering her box. Passed.
30. Jon: "Do we eliminate people who haven't paid their pooh levy -- uh, from this list?"
31. Jon: "For once I actually miscalculated how bad someone was, which means she was quite bad."
32. Votes to commend Rachel for single handedly making Ceilidhs popular. Passed.
33. Reading: Book of Bunny Suicides.
34. Votes to commend the society for spelling 'Smackerel' wrong on the society T-shirt despite having debated it for years. Passed.
35. Votes to ditto the CTS ditto. Passed.
36. Rachel had a yodelling marmot.
37. Jack: "You'd be kicking yourself if you met a meteoritologist and didn't bring your rock."
38. Jack: "Do you want to starve or compare this skeleton to a hobbit? A little from column a..."
39. Rachel: "All evolutionary biologists are stupid." Re: Hobbits.
40. Votes to Close. Passed.