Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie the Pooh Society held on the 13th November, in Ridley Hall. Wow, we've never been here before.


Present: Estelle, Jack, Naath, Matthew, Rachel, Tudor, Rosy, Lukshmi, Alison 

Apologies: Katie, Owen, Rachel, Katie, Jon, James 


1. Estelle: this tea's a bit strong; I'll take it next door and doctor it. 

2. Rachel: That's Jack. 

3. Tudor: What do you do at a pooh meeting? Rachel: We eat tea and drink biscuits.

4. Matthew pays his pooh levy (to Jack). NOTE: Jack now owes the society 8 in pooh levies.

5. We propose and second Matthew for Charlotte. Passed.

6. We propose Rachel for Home Secretary. (Typed by Matthew: seconded)

7. Rachel: Estelle has carrots that look like parsnips, except being orange.

8. Abrogating your democratic rights should be an officially possible result. For: 0. Ag: 0. Abrogating your democratic rights: 3.

9. Tudor: [Nice] is roughly in southern Frace. Jack: So is Italy. Passed.

10. Alison: I'm fine on the bed.

11. M: THAT's a laptop? E: No, not the word processor, the laptop. N: Oh, it's a word processor. E: Yes, it doesn't have a mouse and it has a very small screen but it has cut and paste, etc, and prints one page at a time... M: Oh, it's vi!

12. Votes that Estelle made the cake. Passed.

13. Votes to commend Estelle therefor. Passed.

14. J: I'm not an Embedded C Engineer any more; ever since Alphamosaic was bought by Broadcom and re-dubbed "Broadcom Europe" despite not being the only division of Broadcom in Europe I've apparently been an "Engineer, Staff Software." No, I don't have a staff any more than I used to be embedded in sea.

15. M: I have issues with Broadcom. They don't provide a linux driver for their modem and I had to use the windows one. J: If it makes it work with linux in what philosophical sense is it NOT a linux driver?

16. I apporve of windows they let the light in. Passed.

17. Estelle: You know, now you can be my 3rd and 4th hands

18. Estelle: It was a brithday present from a friend. Well, she wasn't exactly a friend before that, just after. You know how it is.

19. Rosy: One Sarah said to the other Sarah "I went shopping yesterday and saved 200."

20. You could make a Teddy Bear gattling fun and fire it at the mortgage company.

21. Votes to censure Matthew for firing Teddy Bears. Failed.

22. Votes to commend Matthew for firing Teddy Bears. Hung.

23. Matthew: I know why I wasn't here last year. It was my birthday.

24. Minutes are read by Matthew, Alison and Rachel/Estelle alternately.

25. Naath goes fetchingly red. Again.

26. Matthew: I do have some vague business.

27. Matthew via Rosy: We should look at minutes on the website and suggest 'In which's.

28. We should vote with our right toes. Failed.

29. Alison: You're going to hate me. They're all in word, with equation editors.

30. Votes to censure Jack for threatening an ex-member of the society.

31. Votes to censure Neil. Passed.

32. Estelle: I'm new you see, so they thought "Ah, a fresher. We'll have to soften her up."

33. Matthew: If you want to have subminutes like 1a... Jack: I didn't know we could do that! Cool! M: You can't. J: THEN WHY DID YOU BRING IT UP? M: You will be able to soon!

34. Reading: In which Tigger comes to the Forest and has Breakfast. NOTE: Katie still hasn't read "PLES CNOC IF AN RNSER IS REQUID", etc. from last week.

35. M: I can pull off a suit if necessary.

36. L: Actually, the Harry Potter society folded a week ago. A: Wow, we only declared war on them a fortnight ago. We are good.

37. J: Sheila has risen from the ashes! All: We should declare war on them again. J: He said they had a non-agression foreign policy. Estelle: We've already won then. Jack: That's what I said. In fact, we've already won twice now!

38. We weren't quorate at the time. Or sober, or something.

39. Votes to close. Passed.