Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Extraordinary General Meeting Held on Saturday 20th November 2004 in the Nihon Room, Pembroke College, Cambridge

Present: Rosy, Katy, Rachel, Jack, Matthew, Lakshmi, Naath, Chess, Giles, Richard.
Apologies: Owen, Jonathon, Ben, Estelle, Tom, Martin for turning up. Neil M-H

1. Meeting opened.
2. Wearing pink counts as black tie. Passed.
3. Commend Lukshmi for letting there be Nihon room.
4. Katie: That's considerate and whatsit.
5. Matthew: we need a society hosepipe to attach to the nearest tap.
6. Commend Alison for baking. Seconded seconded seconded. Passed.
7. We can average out Michelle's top with the icing. Passed.
8. Katie: It just sets off Rosy's hat nicely.
9. Naath: Do I have to abstain from wanting tea?
10. Owen is a little monster. Passed.
11. Katie: As you're esteemed president of the society I thought, "I'll serve you last."
12. Minutes read by Naath and Alison
13. The first duty of the new foreign secretary
14. Katie: Can we do my reading yet, please?
15. Reading: Chapter four of the old testament, the bits with the sign. Katie.
16. Commend Katie for her reading. Passed.
16a. Katie goes endearingly red.
17. Censure Katie for saying a work of Milne is boring. Passed.
18. Jack husts for Secretary. Involving a second coming, anti-christs, WWI and last hust's poem and a WB Yeates pastiche.
19. Commend Jack for his new poetry. Passed.
20. Michelle husts for secretary, basing her qualifications on her being Owl and able to spell.
21. Giles appears dressed as Snow White.
22. We vote. Jack wins, and Michelle comes second.
21. Giles husts for undersecretary. He would be good at is as he's in a dress and can type.
22. Michelle husts for undersecretary. And uses the word "magnanimously".
23. Jack husts for undersecretary. In Haiku.
24. We vote. Michelle wins, Giles and Jack and RON come second together.
25. Naath husts for Foreign Secretary.
26. No-one has to take any notice of me [Katie]. Passed. 
27. Naath comes first.
28. M: I'm going to deal with her later. A: Wayhey!
29. G: It's very difficult; I had to hitch it up to here so it was like a miniskirt first.
30. M husts for and is elected as Eeyore.
31. N dittos and is dittoed for Foriegn Secretary.
31. Votes to separate Naath and Tom, and to elect Tom to James. [Passed]
32. Propose M for receiving 1,000,000.
33. Create post of home secretary because we want postcards, and propose Rachel for it.
34. Votes to commend Rachel for fulfilling the role of Home Secretary before being elected, indeed before the post is created.
35. If I had to skip in my poorly constructed skirt everyone has to. Passed.
36. G takes his skirt off.
37. Commend Giles' bow.
38. G appears to be wearing war paint.
39. Censure the cam for taking Giles' bow. Passed.
40. E as bing. NB try different tones of bing. And skip.
41. Minute that the minutes minute. Passed.
42. Propose Lukshmi for lthwshangedp. I mean, Kanga. Elected.
43. Rachel shall print the constitution so small no-one can read it. Passed.
44. Rachel has an identity crisis due to having too many mothers. 
45. G: This is *overdressed* for a boatie.
46. G[iles elected to the post of] Pooh and J[ack ditto] Underpooh.
47. K[atie] and L[ukshmi] stand on a single ticket for coastguard.
48. M: I believe parts of my body weren't allowed to be on the committee, so I don't think Katie's can either.
49. We could do it anticlockwise one last time for Alison's benefit.
50. Reading: 
51. A: Or we could just open a nested meeting...
52. K: Oh yes, I had a big falling out with Jack.
53. Votes to close. Passed.
54. K: I just spilt tea all down my front.
55. G: Black tie male or female.