Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Elevenses Meeting Held on 27/11/04 ]in, I think, the top floor of Clough, Newnham]


Present: Naath,MD,Jonathan,Rory,Lakshmi,Jack,Rosy,Katie,Edith,Estelle,Ed Anderson
Guests: Shani, Gordon
Apologies: Edith for being late, Tom,Rachel H.

1. Votes to let visitors vote - passed
2. There's a Tigger on the door
3. No trespassing, violators will be shot, survivors will be shot again.
4. Minute formatting, ps, pdf and assassins
5. They ought to rename the ginger cakem award somtime - failed
6. The Police are corrupt
7. Bryony is invisible
8. I've tried with Jack but he just doesn't take any notice - Katie
9. Katie and Rosy arrived with teapot and books.
10. Edith the Mead fairy.
11. Ukranian Opposition and Yomsburg the New (orrange scarfs)
12. Progress on the house front
13. MD appologises for next week, as does Jack,Rosy and Katie
14. No meeting next week.
15. Next will be reall bad - everyone is appologising for it.
16. Middle of nowhere - Hartliepool
17. Nuclear devices as crowd control
18. We could play geek Bingo. (Perl script, Mead, Star Wars, Lucas, Peter Jackson,Linux,Harry Potter,chiark)
19. Evil bingo, that's different (Bill Gates)
20. Katie and Rosy Bingo (Radio 4 timetabling issues)
21. Jonathan Bing - hellicoper noises
22. Biscuits make it all OK.
23. Minutes of the EGM are read by Jack and Naath from the laptop - the printer borke. [Rtaehr lkie the spleilng in tehse miuntes. Ed.]
24. Naath's keyring says Helen on it - how odd. Aunt Lee's fault.
25. Why Edith?
26. No-one knows and Edith won't tell.
27. Porn films staring the pope. - Edith
28. Reading - In which Christopher Robin gives a pooh party and we say goodbye.
29. Note that the EGM minutes omit the reading, we read In which Pooh goes visiting and gets in a tight place.
30. Polyphonic bing tones
31. In the beging was the Bing
32. ooooh, 'we've got someone with a TV' - MD
33. Ed used to be known Edith - when being the female umpire, many people were convinced.
34. Not by Ed wearing drag, he wasn't. 
35. Letting agents are drippy. - Jack
36. Damp rich tea biscuits.
37. Nobody is organising the biscuit league.
38. Naath will run the biscuit league but we need nominations from Owen.
39. Website wibblings.
40. Kill people!
41. Email again.
42. Geek geek geek geek.
43. That incident never happened -MD, What incident - Jack.
44. Reading - The Alchemist.
45. Can I read that one about the thing - Katie
46. Reading - [In Which Rabbit has a] Busy [Day...]
47. You are Milton Keynes and you are confused - Ed
48. Motion to censure Neil just for the fun of it - hung, visitor decides for
49. Consequentialism.
50. Votes to censure Naath for playing minesweeper when she ought have been minuting - passed
51. Plan A failed and would like to jon taxi party. Someone on Jack's phone.
52. Land Economy
53. Geology rocks.
54. Peterhouse loaned its playing fields to Clare long term and then loaned them back short term.
55. K-T boundary.
56. Katie is a mass extinction.
57. Edith is a computational bio-mineralagist.
58. Hendon sucks.
59. binglebinglebinglebong
60. Votes to commend Jack because some people seem to think it's necessary. Passed
61. Democracy isn't in the voting it's in the counting.
62. Going to Caius makes you evil.
63. X-maff (pronounced Chri-maff) are based on Jesus Lane.
64. Secret Nuclear Bunker -->
65. Please do not throw rocks at this sign.
66. Not to be removed except for maintence of fire emergencies.
67. Please do not put mugs on prof. Maxwell's desk.
68. This page intentionally blank.
69. Unacompanied Children will be sold into slavery.
70. This area is alarmed. Poor area.
71. Counting Ed Nokes. 
72. Nokes is the pope, at least in Edith's mind.
73. The pope is the only famous Pole in the world except Marie Curie but she's got a French name.
74. There are loads of famous Polish mathematicians.
75. The Wromskian is a determinant you make out of the various solutions to a differential equation.
76. Votes to close. Passed.