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24 February 2001

The Director
WAGN Railway
Hertford House
1 Cranwood Street

Dear Sir

We would like to draw to your attention a serious problem with your service. Teabags are a growing problem on your service and we feel that action needs to be taken before it becomes uncontrollable.

During many long journeys, we have been pleased to be able to purchase tea on your services. It appears that you achieve this with the aid of a teabag, which we must admit is useful for making tea. However, I am sure you can imagine the predicament that we have found ourselves in, when we come to drink our tea. Useful as the teabag is for the creation of the tea, its usefulness does reach an end before the tea has been drunk (or even started to be drunk).

We have experimented, during many train journeys, with where to put the teabags. Personally, we find the taste of a teabag a little strong for them to be eaten and they are a little soggy to be placed inside a pocket. After several other ingenious ideas as to where to put this teabag have all failed, we came to the only remaining conclusion, that there is nowhere for it.

Therefore, we would like to suggest that perhaps a little slot be provided near every seat on your trains for teabags. Alternatively, somebody could be employed to walk along the train collecting used teabags.

Should you wish to discuss this matter further you would be welcome to attend one of our Elevenses Meetings (held every Saturday of Full Term).

I hope this matter can be resolved quickly.

Yours faithfully

Owen Barritt
Foreign Secretary

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