Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Extra constitutional Meeting held on the 17/06/2000 in Rm. 4. 32 Panton Street followed by the punt regatta.

Present : Richard, Neil, Jenny, Martin, Granny, Claire, Anthony, Owen.

Apologies : Not necessary as out of full term.

  1. Jenny opens the meeting.

  2. Granny enters from behind.

  3. Ben is on the phone.

  4. Photos are passed around from Robinson May Ball.

  5. Poetic error messages.

  6. Jenny's saving her ears for the Garden Party.

  7. Votes to censure Anthony for not liking honey: Passed.

  8. Owen arrives.

  9. Jenny and Claire discuss underwear.

  10. We heed off to the punt Regatta.

  11. We have to punts the poohsoc one and the CULES one.

  12. The teams are

    1. Owen, Richard, Martin, Anthony, Neil

    2. Jenny, Ben, Granny, Rachel (From CULES)

  13. The race start in absolute chaos.

  14. Anthony and Granny are punting.

  15. Punt (a) temporarily looses its pole but manages to rectify the situation.

  16. Ben takes over punting on punt (b)

  17. Punt (a) crosses the finish line.

  18. Punt (b) crosses the finish line 10 minutes later.

  19. The Vikings won the race.

  20. Jenny reads the minutes.

  21. We head back to Scudamoors with the two punts chained together and Granny and Martin punting, so Owen takes over the Minuting.

  22. Dave Henderson is mentioned.

  23. Reading: In which Piglet is entirely surrounded by water.

  24. The narration is done in an extreme London accent by Jenny.

  25. Almost lost the pole.

  26. Votes to steal Trinity Library: Passed.

  27. Votes to make Ben and Owen do it: Passed.

  28. Punt name "Censored" Passed

  29. "Use your spy" says Ben.

  30. Stratego players wave unconvincingly.

  31. We reach dry land again.

  32. We discuss weapons with the Vikings.

  33. Jenny is excited by a spoon.

  34. Votes to close Passed.

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