Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Very Extra-constitutional Meeting held on the 22/06/2000 in Pembroke Bar after Formal Hall.

Present : Jenny, Claire, Martin, Owen, Granny, Ben

Honouree Members : Marion Langford.

Guests : Joy, Magnus

  1. Jenny opens the meeting.

  2. Votes to censure Claire for being late : Failed.

  3. Votes to censure Claire for not buying all of us drinks : Failed.

  4. Votes to let visitors vote : draw, visitor decides against.

  5. Jenny gives us a detailed description of exactly what post she has.

  6. The relevant stuff is a note from Rob and a letter from the Queen. These are then read out.

  7. Motion of thanks to Rob : Passed

  8. Absolutely nothing is happening at the moment.

  9. Joy's left to go and pester girls.

  10. Motion that Martin has to minute for the rest of the night : Failed (and I think certain people present at this meeting were glad that this motion failed).

  11. Votes that this is a stupid motion just so that Martin has to minute it : draw.

  12. Ben withdraws the above motion.

  13. Jenny has paid Claire her 7 for services rendered.

  14. The old email list will be cancelled tomorrow.

  15. Richard owes Jenny 2

  16. Granny owes Poohsoc 12

  17. Claire is made treasurer in waiting to become acting treasurer at the start of next term.

  18. Votes to censure Ben for trying to censure Jenny : Passed

  19. Votes that this is the stupidest meeting we have had in ages: Passed.

  20. Votes to censure Jenny and Claire for running off in the middle of the meeting.

  21. Ben honks is horn in the middle of the bar (maybe this explains Jenny and Claire's behaviour).

  22. Claire reads the minutes from 17/06/2000

  23. Claire reads minutes from 19/06/2000.

  24. Magnus arrives.

  25. Votes to commend Martin for writing minutes and signing up for formal hall at silly times.

  26. Votes to censure everyone who hasn't turned up : Passed

  27. Votes to ignore the part in the constitution that requires us to have a reading : passed:

  28. Votes to close all Poohsoc meetings currently open : Passed.

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